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Decoration of furniture.

Hello, dear friends. I often visit similar sites with business ideas, tk. this is a good source for inspiration. Frankly, I have realized more than one idea. Something turned out better, something did not go. In any case, I did not regret a minute that more than 5 years ago I quit my job "with my uncle" and started working independently. Just want to say a big thank you to people who find the time and energy to publish their ideas. At one time, many of them helped me a lot. Finally, I, having accumulated experience and sat down for my laptop, decided to pay tribute to business ideas with an investment. You look, someone will come in handy. Since I have 3 permanent lines of business, I will describe in detail my most basic (on the ratio of profit and labor).

I have been doing furniture decorating for 5 months already. I can not draw myself, and it's expensive for a client. Therefore, I use stickers. The idea itself this time came not from the site of business ideas, but, directly, from the store. I saw a set of labels for tiles and furniture in the repair shop. Pretty ugly dolphins, painted tyap-lyap, shells and flowers.

All in blue or brown. The sticker itself did not cause any trust, but I liked the way the goods were delivered. Packaging quality, detailed instructions, attractive photos. I became interested and, despite the "bourgeois" price (500 rubles for the format of about A6), I bought it for testing. At home it turned out that the sticker did not only disappoint you, but the quality turned out to be "not a fountain". But the idea got hooked. And I decided to look for some material for replacement, the most important qualities of which were to be convenience in use, the ability to digitally print on this material and the minimum visibility of the material itself. I found several options, descriptions on the sites I arranged. I bought everyone for a sample - I chose the most optimal price-quality.

Decoration of furniture

The first profit was received in 2 weeks. This time it took to slowly put free ads with photos, find a suitable varnish to protect products and prepare a database of pictures. At first I only dealt with drawing pictures and photos on furniture, i.e. directly by the decor with a visit to the house. For the decor of furniture I take from 500 rubles (highchair).

stickers for furniture

Given the fact that the cost price of the decor of the same highchair is 38 rubles, you can estimate the profit. I note at once that I'm leaving for home only if I order at least 1500 rubles. In the first month, since the first profit, I earned 27,000 rubles. Even during this very first month, I realized that I was in vain ignoring the sale of ready-made labels.

On the rise, I'm light and serious about the fresh impulses of my ideas. On the sample I placed on the boards of free announcements a mini advertisement with the text from the category "I'm selling ready or I will make a new life for your things according to your sketches. The price is 250 rubles. " The purpose of this announcement is to intrigue, attract a potential buyer. There is also a link to my page on the Internet with a bunch of pictures of pictures for application and ready-made works. The psychology of man is such that after seeing a beautiful thing in the photo, he will continue to flip through the album, regardless of whether he needs this product right now or not. Then attracts not a high price of 250 rubles. After all, it's not a pity for the beauty of 250 rubles to give (by the way, the cost price of 14 rubles.). Next comes the next secret weapon under the not tricky name "KITS!". For the first month of home visits, I realized that they often want to decorate simple kitchen sets. So why not make in one style a set, a tile on an apron, cutting boards, cups, cups, etc.? I suggest a set! You can collect from 1 to 10 different elements in one style (not to mention that they can be repeated), and this is 2500 rubles at a cost of 140 rubles. and a minimum of labor.

In general, connecting additional. "Option" of selling ready-made labels, I received another 56,000 rubles in addition to the "exit" 32 thousand (in the second month there were more orders). Now I earn on this business from 90 to 120 thousand rubles, depending on the month. I'm preparing a full-fledged online store, because I understand that very much depends on the convenience of site navigation. I'm sure sales will go up.

It only remains to add that now my 17-year-old daughter is connected to the case. I deducted everything in the same business ideas about the decor of telephones and women's accessories (all kinds of bracelets, earrings, brooches, boxes). While at the stage of selection of designs. Let's see what happens. I've been accustoming her to experiments since my childhood.

So my most important advice to you - do not be afraid to experiment! Look, come up, go for it and you'll succeed! If you have any questions about this business - write to me at I 'll try to help. And maybe, even someone interesting thoughts on this score will appear.