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Manufacturing of thermal welding electrodes

What if the repair of the garage or the construction of a fence requires, for example, to weld two steel corners? And, of course, there is no possibility to use either gas welding or electric welding. In this case, you can make a termite pencil and with its help without much difficulty to solve a possible problem.

Termite pencil is a piece of wire from ordinary carbon steel, which is applied termite, steeply mixed with glue. (Clay is better to take nitrocellulose - it dries faster). The diameter of the wire (2-5 mm) depends on how massive the welded parts will be: the more massive they are, the thicker the wire. The termite includes aluminum (not silumin!) Sawdust - 23% (by weight) and iron scale powder - 77%. The particle size of aluminum and scale should be about 0.5 mm.

At the end of the termite pencil, a primer is applied - a "match head", which consists of a Berlotole salt (KClO3) and fine aluminum filings in a ratio of 2: 1 (by weight) mixed with glue. The primer is needed to ignite the termite.