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toilet odor remover

For readers, businessman Kriventsov A.N. gives a detailed tech. documentation for the simplest device to eliminate unpleasant odors in the toilet. Hopefully many readers will find this useful! The essence of this device - local exhaust, which is mounted on the lid of the toilet. The principle of operation is clear from the figure. For the manufacture of a modified toilet seat - (1), it is necessary to additionally buy a toilet seat.   From the inside of the seats you need to make 5-6 oval holes - (2) and glue the two toilet seats with epoxy glue. The modified seat is mounted on a rigidly mounted sleeve - (3) with a hole - (3a). If necessary, the seat can be raised vertically. An elastic tube goes from the sleeve - (4) and through a tin body - (5) is connected to a fan - (6). The fan is placed in the inter-unit ventilation pipe of your panel house. The lighting and the fan in the toilet are turned on with one switch - (7).





Fan features:

Type - VN-2 or equivalent;

V power = 220 volts;

Power = 18 watts;

Weight = 550 grams;

n = 2200 rpm;

V = 33 l / sec.