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A device for getting home year-round hot water

This device is very simple!

It is necessary to make a spiral from a long copper tube with a diameter of 15 mm. Wear rubber hose at each end. Connect one hose to a water tap (if the hose section does not fit the diameter of the crane, use a baby teat with a cut off end - such a connection makes it easy to put the hose on the tap at the right time).

Attach another hose over the sink, as you see fit. Hot water will flow from it. Then install the coil on the gas stove. Turn on the water and make sure that it flows freely in a spiral, and then light the gas. The weaker the water pressure, the hotter it will be. When finished, first turn off the gas and then water.

If by chance you close the water tap with burning gas and the device overheats, turn off the gas immediately, but do not let the water in !!! The device should cool down in air. If desired, it can be improved: to make a spiral that is installed not on one, but on two burners, or to make a metal screen - this already depends on your desire and the master's imagination!

Good luck!

Устройство для получения дома круглогодично горячей воды