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The recipe for removing unnecessary records and stamps from paper

The recipe for removing unnecessary records and stamps from paper

For the manufacture of a liquid, 70% acetic concentrate (about one teaspoon) and a small amount of potassium permanganate in a crystalline form (at the tip of the knife) are taken. Everything mixes up. The liquid is ready to remove the inscription.

Under the sheet from which you want to remove the inscription or blot, put a clean white sheet of paper. Take a brush (the softer and thinner it is, the better), dip it into the prepared liquid and start to draw the brush with the inscription until it disappears.

At this point, the paper becomes brown. Remove it with a piece of cotton dipped in hydrogen peroxide (sold in a pharmacy).

Then the area of ​​the wetted sheet must be ironed with a warm iron. To do this, underlaying soft matter, put a clean white sheet of paper on it, and a sheet of paper from which the inscription was removed on it, and ironed it. (The surface of the iron should be clean. If not, then put a clean white sheet on top of the wet sheet and iron it).

Note. In this way, the inscription is best removed from thin sheets. To remove thick, thick sheets, it is better to use a sharpened match instead of a brush. A small piece of cotton wool is wound on the sharpened tip (there are several such brushes, as they quickly fail). Moisten them in a liquid and gently translational movement on the inscription lead around it. Everything else is done similarly.

To remove any ink labels in documents and so on --- you need to slightly remove the moistened with ant alcohol and put it in an anthill (alcohol in the pharmacy) (sent by