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Organization of home advertising agency and private ad agency

Organization of home advertising agency and private ad agency

Characterize this activity can be briefly - the publication of its own express newspaper and the placement in it of free and paid ads, ad units. Before starting work, we recommend that you contact one of the following addresses:

98324, Crimea, Kerch, PO Box 24, Lelesnikov VP (newspaper Fortuna-Crimea )

91051, Lugansk, PO Box 76, Kukharev NI (the newspaper "Nika" ).

38762, Poltava region, Tereshki village , AIRS "Eva" , Shtepka VV

By ordering one of these newspapers, you will get an accurate idea of ​​what a private express newspaper is, and you will learn many different nuances of private publishing , which it is simply not possible to transmit in a shortened manual.

Creation of the first (signal) number

1) First of all, come up with an interesting name and design the logo of your newspaper (in this case anyone who has artistic abilities will help you).

2) Rubric should be a lot, so that each client finds his own. Here is their sample list: Business, Work (search and offer), Literature, Erotica, Computer and programs, Services, Dating, Miscellaneous.

3) Coupon b / o You will develop and issue already on the computer. In order not to be particularly conscious customers did not copy it, leave in it a place for a rectangular rubber stamp with your full name and surname. and address; in this place make a note: "It is accepted only with the stamp of the editorial office". Next to the coupon b / o should be text about this:

"To place a free ad in our newspaper, send us a filled coupon, a receipt of a postal transfer of 50 kopecks ( with the cost of the newspaper) and an envelope with your return address, and publication and sending you the next number is guaranteed! If you want to mark the ad with a frame and font, this service costs 1 UAH (with the cost of the newspaper) .We want to place an expanded ad by volume or catalog, we inform you that the price per square centimeter of our newspaper space is only 25 kopecks! Below the prices you will not find anywhere! With us! With respect to you - the chief editor and publisher (name). "

4) Choose the most interesting ads from various newspapers ; use them in your alarm number. Be sure to send your newspaper to these addresses!

5) Bring the information collected to an advertising agency or any other institution with a computer and ask for it to be minted by placing it in a newspaper and printing out several copies on a laser printer; in the future, if necessary, remove from these master sheets of a copy (on a copier or risograph). Save the computer diskette with the recording of your newspaper - it will very much help you with the prototyping of the next issue.


Give in various newspapers b / o ads of approximately this content:

"Free send a new newspaper b / o (title), deception is excluded, from you - an application, an envelope with a / a coupon, b / o ." You need to advertise the newspaper during all your publishing activities; remember that for the success of the case you need to recruit as many regular customers as possible - they will provide you a stable stable income, not threatening to decline, but, on the contrary, tending to increase. Where can I find them? To help you again will come numerous newspapers b / o different regions. Pay attention to various offers of advertising catalogs and information - all offering these people are engaged in their own mail business and many of them will be happy to use the services of your newspaper. Send them a newspaper and a letter about this:

"Hello, dear (Name), I bring to your attention the first issue of the newspaper (title) that I and I are building. I hope you like it and you publish your advertisement in it (paid and free). wishes to you (name). "

Having typed a sufficient amount of paid and free advertising (100-300 sentences), you can proceed with the prototyping of the next issue; it (from a floppy disk) print already in the printing house. With a typographical printout, the approximate cost of a newspaper consisting of 3 A4 pages (about 300 ads) will be approximately 5-10 copecks. The rest of the print run is for advertising.

Do not focus only on ads - publish a lot of useful and interesting information; make the newspaper number from the number more attractive and informative - this will help you to effectively attract new customers and keep the old ones. With the skillful conduct of business in the future, you can withdraw more than three hundred dollars of income from the number; a lot of this or a little - judge for yourself.


Express newspapers are published about 4-5 times a year. With a significant increase in the volume of the newspaper and information (about 300 or more ads + information), raise the price of paid ads and advertising; it is desirable to leave the price of the newspaper low.

Good luck to you !