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"HELP YOURSELF" (20 types of income-generating home business)

What do you need to become rich? How to start moving towards this goal? In order to start business, you need the initial capital. There are several ways to acquire it. This is the use of personal savings, and the mobilization of internal reserves. There may be a question about selling something from personal things, items, about getting loans. You can start to start with a business area that does not require seed capital. At the same time, the process of capital accumulation needs to be intensified, because in the conditions of continuing inflation, money quickly lose its purchasing power. Therefore, those who decided to embark on the path of business, who feel ready for this, it is necessary to get down to business without delay.

1. PRIVATE OFFICE OF ANNOUNCEMENTS. You or your family offer the following services to the population: You print customer announcements and post them in your settlement for a certain reward. For work it is necessary to have a typewriter or a computer with a printer. About the beginning of your work it is necessary to notify your potential clients with the help of a local newspaper. You establish prices for your services on your own, based on the state of the market.

2. PRIVATE TELEcENTR in the HOUSING HOUSE. To work, you need a VCR and a transmitter of the DMV band (produced by the domestic industry). You negotiate with the tenants of the house, what programs, cartoons, videos you will transfer, and they will pay you for this money. Video cassettes can be rented, from friends, etc. It is advisable for the residents of the house to make a program of TV shows. Make the program so that it suits both adults and children.

3. RENT AUDIO AND VIDEO CASSETTE. For rental, you must have at least 40-50 audiocassettes and 15-20 videocassettes with different themes. The rental price should be set in the middle of your settlement. In the pledge, take only the passport, you do not need to take money, as it repels a large number of potential customers.

4. DELIVERY SERVICE. You offer people the delivery of food to the house, work, etc. for 10% of the reward from the cost of purchases. Food can be taken at the store (negotiate with the seller), at the wholesale base, the manufacturer. For work, it is desirable to have your own transport, as well as a person on the phone to receive orders.

5. ORGANIZATION OF THE VICTORINE. Give the ad about the following content in the newspaper: "For the first time in our city, the prize is 100 UAH , who took part in the QUOTE GUIDE and answered correctly all the questions: 1. The author of the book" The Fate of Man "2. The name of the island of Sri Lanka before 1979 g. . 3. The executor of the main role in the film "Stationmaster." (The quantity and quality of the questions will be prompted by your imagination). Answers to the questions of the first round should be sent to the address: (it is advisable to have a mailbox at the post office so that letters do not go to your home address). In the letter, do not forget to enclose the envelope with your home address. The answers of the first round will be considered within two weeks from the date of publication in the newspaper. Answering the questions of the first round, you will receive the postal questions of the II round by cash on delivery for 20 kopecks . - and wait for the win! "As you understand, the questions of the second round should be difficult.If such a quiz is held in a large city and at least 5000 people participate in it, then you will receive 500 UAH .

6. PROCESSING OF SECONDARY MATERIALS. Looking for villages of people who are going to cut cows or bulls. They throw out gall bladder. Agree with them to give or sell you gall bladder. In some (not all) bladders there are gallstones, which are very much appreciated in medicine. Dry the collected stones. If you do not know how to dry them and where to take them for hard currency, please contact AIRC (Agency for Information and Advertising Service, 315028, Ukraine, Poltava region, Tereshki , d / v , Shtepka VV); AIRS will provide you with the necessary materials (2 UAH).

7. In large cities there are offices of commercial firms in many countries of the world. Often they buy some products and waste with pleasure. A vivid example: goose and duck down, honey, cattle skins, etc. Organize the collection and sale of this raw material and products. Soon you will gain a solid capital.

8. Organize the collection and purchase of agricultural products in areas where there are many. In the central large cities it can be sold, as a rule, 2-3 times more expensive. Leasing a car for transportation, you will earn well.

9. PRIVATE DIRECTORY BUREAU. You provide certain information to people for a certain reward. For example, you can give information about the work of shops and businesses, timetables, etc. Customers can be hosted at home or in the office. The information offered should be reliable, and for this you need to have a telephone to update the information and not to mislead customers.

10. PRIVATE KINDERGARTEN. You agree with 5-6 parents that you will look after their children at home. Thus, you will devote a lot of time to children, maintain a schedule, feed them with good products, develop them spiritually and physically. Payment by agreement.

11. PRIVATE WAREHOUSE. If you have a free room, you can rent it out to commercial organizations for storage. Since most of these companies are in an unfit premises, you can make good money on this.

12. PRIVATE LIBRARY. If you have a good library, then you can organize a good business. You give books for use for a certain time for a certain fee. It is desirable to keep the card index of books.

13. PRIVATE BEACH. The beaches of the CIS resorts are famous for their neglect. You will earn a lot of money if you fence off the beach area, clear sand of rubbish, set up slides, towers and take money from each rest. They will be happy to visit your beach.

14. ORGANIZATION OF THE FRIENDSHIP SERVICE. You need to have a computer, a data bank-the women's and men's half. With the help of the program you find reasonable pairs and sell these options.

15. If you have a lot of money, lend them at interest, on security of property.

16. You can organize traffic jams from aluminum and other metals. Hand them over to factories or factories for recycling . This is a profitable business now, and in the future - even more so.

17. At the perfume factories take tobacco ash. A little fudge - and you can organize its collection. Tobacco ash is taken in pharmacies.

18. COOPERATIVE FOR CLOTHING. Get a knitting machine. After asking her a program, you can knit sweaters, scarves, children's clothes, etc.

19. Now there are a lot of people who want to buy or sell a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, an apartment, different things. In many newspapers you can read similar ads. Many of these ads are complementary, i.e. one wants to buy what the other offers. Become an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Promptly "working" fresh newspapers, bring together the seller and the buyer, receiving for this their commission.

20. You can put an advertisement in the newspaper: "I offer the newest guide" 20 types of profitable home business, "reprint all that we sent to you, and send it to those who wish for money.