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Scheme of re-registration and multi-threaded sponsor bxod

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

All instructions should be repeated exactly, without missing any points.


This scheme of repeated registrations can be used for other spoons .

All this delaetstsa not in five minutes, so get ready to spend a couple of hours, but if you broke it all read and do - go collect 30 bonuses a day with pens.

Schema - recommendations that you need to do to register and not spalitstsa , repeat all exactly otherwise lose your bxod- accounts , and you have to re- register them.


1. Cut \ " NetBios over TCP / IP \", when connecting to the localhost . It is done like this:

Go to the Control Panel - Network and remote access to the network, click Properties in the \ "local area network connection \ ", there \ u0026 # define \ "File and Printer Access Service Microsoft \ ".

Next, go to the \ "Internet Protocol TCP / IP \", click on the \ " More \ " button, the \ "WINS \" tab, click "Disable NeTBIOS via TCP / IP \" /

When connecting via modem, or VPN, check that only \ "Client for Microsoft Networks \ " and \ "Internet Protocol TCP / IP \" are installed.

2. Run \ " RunAs Service \ ", and set the start type to \ " auto \ ".

3. Then you need to configure the browser. Go to, and do everything as there is talkin .

When you do, add two links to the "Trusted sites " - http: //*, https: //*, and uncheck "All servers require a https check".

4. Now you need to clear your account from any shit that bxod left you , and set the current account (Next - Administrator) as default . Make the current default settings necessary in order to

do it from under your account you will not be given money . So create a new record, name it \ "123 \", and add it to the \ " Administrators \ " group and delete it from the \ " Users \ " group. Put a check mark on \ "the password is not expired \ ", I do not recommend setting the password for this user .

Now you need to go into Windows under user 123, as I will not explain.

From this account you need to demolish all of the following folders:

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Cookies

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Local Settings \ History

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Local Settings \ Temporary Internet Files

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Local Settings \ Temp

The paths can be different, it depends on the name of your main ( admin ) account.

If you have changed the way to the Temp, clean it up. Note that most of these folders are hidden, so sho you must enable the display of hidden files.

Without logging out of the account, delete the contents of the folder "C: \ Documents and Settings \ Default User \ ".

Then copy the entire content from C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator to C: \ Documents and Settings \ Default User .

We have made all these movements in such a way that each new user will be created with your main and ( admin ) settings, with fully cleared temps, cookies , etc.

5. Let's start creating new users.

Go to the Windows under the main account \ " Administrator \ ".

Delete the user \ "123 \", and at the same time, the folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ 123

Create 2 new accounts, name them, for example \ "bxod1 \" and \ "bxod2 \", and add them to the group " Administrators \ " and delete them from the " Users " group. Put a check mark on \ "password expiration is not limited \ ", the password should not be set on them (if desired, you can create 10 of them at once, but I'm here considering the option of two registrations and wrapping in 2 threads).

Now you need to go into the Windows under new users \ "bxod1 \" and \ "bxod2 \". This is necessary in order for them to create folders in C: \ documents and settings . Winda can be quite stupid for a long time when from the first login of these users to the system - wait. If you did all of the above correctly, then these users should be configured exactly the same way as your main ( admin ) account ( table settings , icons, etc.).

Have you finished? Again, go under the Administrator.

6. We go to and swing the nBratch nBxod . I warn you, downloading the cheater is free , and for the first three days you can use it for free, but then for its use you will have to pay 0,02 wmz per day, but when you go up from it 0.15 - 0.2 wmz (from each running copy) to day I think this is not such a big fee. How to buy credits - read in the cheater .

7. Now you need to put the wrapper in different folders for each user, otherwise it's bothered .

We do this by copying nBxod1.55.exe (or newer version) to the C: \ Documents and Settings \ bxod1 \ Desktop and C: \ Documents and Settings \ bxod2 \ Desktop (depending on the names of the path users, there may be others ).

8. Create shortcuts for cheater .

We want to create a shortcut, in placing the object we specify

% windir% \ system32 \ runas.exe / profile / user : [your domain name] \ bxod1 \ "C: \ Documents and Settings \ bxod1 \ Desktop \ nBxod1.55.exe \" for the user bxod1.

and% windir% \ system32 \ runas.exe / profile / user : [your domain name] \ bxod2 \ "C: \ Documents and Settings \ bxod2 \ Desktop \ nBxod1.55.exe \" for bxod2.

Instead of [your domain name] enter the name of your domain :) . You can see it here - Control Panel - System - Network Identification - Full computer name.

The shortcuts at startup will ask for the password you put on the account, if there is no password, press Enter .

9. We will need several verified elite ( !!!) anonymous (!!!) proxies . Proxies are needed in order to deceive bxod , otherwise sponsors will not give you bonuses (check by WMI and by IP). In addition, imagine how surprised admins when they see that someone from one ipy under 2m or, let's say 10 accounts collects bonuses. Hehe , I think they will not like it, and all will end with the blocking of your accounts . Therefore, to build bonuses from each account you need to use your proxy . If you already checked one account with one proxy , do not try to check with it another - otherwise after a few days you stopudovo and block

You can take a proxy here Proxy needs anonymous, elite, with 80 and 8080 port, with the rest of the ports you just do not go to bxod . Proxy can be bothered when entering bxod , so try, search, check. Finding the right proxies is not an easy task. In addition, some proxies can already be bxodom , so do not be alarmed if you can not collect bonuses, just see what bxod writes, if it writes "this IP is on the public proxy list" - change the proxy and look for the next one.

To check and quickly change the proxies I recommend using Proxy Switcher 2.5. Nahaljavu can be downloaded here, the trial version, for 15 days, will ask for reminders of registration, but you can still work. Where can I download the crack I can not say - I simply did not find it for this version. You will find a crack - plz send me to .

For the convenience of changing proskey , install the program, and create shortcuts to it:

% windir% \ system32 \ runas.exe / profile / user : [your domain name] \ bxod1 \ "C: \ Program Files \ Proxy Switcher Standard \ ProxySwitcher.exe \ " for bxod1.

% windir% \ system32 \ runas.exe / profile / user : [your domain name] \ bxod2 \ "C: \ Program Files \ Proxy Switcher Standard \ ProxySwitcher.exe \ " for bxod2.

10. Get two new x ( !!!) mailboxes and two new (!!!) WM accounts. It is very important that under these emails and WMI you are not yet registered with bxode , in short they must be new, for each new registration you need to enter new emails and WMI, otherwise they will burn and delete bxod- accounts .

For files of each wm account I recommend creating a new folder - there was no confusion.

11. Let's go!

a ) We issue WMkeeper for the first new wm account.

b ) We launch the " Proxy Switcher for user1" shortcut. We enter the necessary proxy there and turn it on (double-tap). You can check the live proxy or not, to do this, click on the program icon in the tray and select Find Proxy , and there you will understand.

c) Press Shift and right click on the shortcut \ " Internet Explorer \ ", there appears the menu Run as , write the username / password there, click Ok .

We go to and register under the first new account wm and under the first new email . Close IE.

d ) We launch the shortcut " nBricker nBxod for user1 \", authorize, wait and click start. If proksya normal, and you did everything right, then start collecting bonuses.

While collecting the bonuses from the user user1. Complete step 11 from user2. Since . Each account has its own proxy , its proxy list in Proxy Switcher , its coockie and temprorary internet files .

In a similar way (see Item 5), you can create as many account records as you like, and hence any number of bxod accounts . And collect bonuses from them simultaneously. 5, 10, 20. :) ))))))))

I managed to collect bonuses from 10 bxod- accounts (2-3 at a time), and it took 2 hours a day. 10 bxod- accounts multiplied by 20-30 bonuses equal to 200-300 bonuses (1 $ -1.5 $) for two hours every day, not bad.

Here I am right now , I have 3 bonuses collected bonuses :) .


- Do not be lazy, follow these instructions exactly.

- All write down

Create a text file for storing the information with the following lines:


Account name in Windows

Bxod account number





For this purpose it is also convenient to use Personal Passworder .

- Collect bonuses under each account with only one bxod account and one or more proxies unused to collect bonuses from other bxod accounts , otherwise lock. For registrations - a new WMID, a new email . Vobshchem , do not paletes .

- Regularly withdraw money from bxod accounts to wm-accounts.

- When registering in a friend's number, specify your previous bxod accounts , so you will \ " dribble \ " money for \ " friends \ ", if you do not know whom to specify, indicate 177700, I will be grateful to you :) )).

- Pay a lot of attention to the proxy , a lot depends on them, by the way most of the glitches when using a cheater are due to halim proxy .

- Do not collect bonuses under your main ( admin ) account, and do not climb on bxod IExplorer'om .

- Sometimes the cheater does not collect some bonuses, they can be collected manually.

- To withdraw money from bxoda, use the cheater , he is the same IE. :)

- If you already had a bxod account , use this scheme for it.

- Do not create many accounts at once, you will not have time to check. Create them gradually.

Sorry for ochepyatki G).