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Two ways to capture Lammer channels on IRC.

Hello The stump is clear that you, like many of your other acquaintances, at least once wanted to capture the canal of Dmitry Pezdretsov. And now I'll try to help with this.

And so we begin. What we have? No, not Masha from the next entrance;) We have (expression what) desire to fuck (again it;) what is a sufficiently visited channel, and in the service network (For those in the tank: service network = network with ChanServ services NickServ, etc., etc.). And for this, in principle, we have every chance. And so we have several options for action.

Option number 1

And so, for the beginning we are looking for a victim. Here are the criteria by which you need to look for it. You go to the channel. For example it will be #love :) Crouch and wait for the appearance of the founder. Yeah, - the object appeared. Here we need to find out how well the person understands the network services and Irkie in general. Just do not need to ask him as a nickname to register or something, remember, you have to give the impression of a person who is well versed in irc and in the services of this network in particular. If during a conversation it is found that people in services are flying at a fairly low level (that is, lamer Detected). For a time, leave him alone. And at this time he himself is preparing some kind of stupid one, but an attack enough for him and for all other visitors. For example, flood. Only it is desirable to flood through a proxy — yes, it would not please us to a ban on your real host. That is, just log in as the second client through a proxy, foul as a thread on the channel, and when you get a ban, change the proxy and continue again. It is not necessary to arrange a flood, I think you yourself will figure out how to raise the Shmon on the channel. When you see that people are specifically enraged and do not know how to get rid of the boorish tricks of the youngsters. You will kindly give him your help. ;)

Climb to him in private and say. Well, you are asleep, but write faster / msg Servicess #love password PROTECT ON (in the place of the password, he must write the password from the channel). And you explain that this command will include protection against such assholes on the channel. Do you understand the chip? Service, with the nickname Servicess is not in nature, and with this nickname is your clone, which will receive in private the password from its channel. :) It is even possible for the likelihood to send him a note of the answer from our self-service. Something like "Protect mode on channel #Love is ON", this is done so that our Cheburator does not suspect anything. In the same way we learn the password from his nickname. What to do next, I think you yourself guessed;)

Option number 2

And so, we all know perfectly well that when you register a channel or a nickname, you indicate your soap, in case you forget your password. And so if the channel’s founder didn’t hide it - then after entering the / msg ChanServ info command #superchannel or / msg NickServ info Nick (Instead of Nick, write the nickname of the founder) You will see information about the victim, which will contain the address of his soap box. Do you already understand what I'm getting at? We will try to crack the victim's soap. First we check if there is such an address. Since some people like to specify addresses that do not exist in nature, such as mailto: (by the way, in this case, you can try to register domain). Yeah, if mylnik is real, and is on some kind of free hoster, then first we will see if this soap has been removed. The fact is that sites that provide free soap, as a rule, delete the user's mailbox if he has not used it for a period of time. If the mailbox we are interested in is deleted, then we simply register the same one, run into Irk and write / msg ChanServ sendpass #superchannel and / msg NickServ sendpass Nick . And then slowly and slowly, check your new mail account. :) And if such a soap box still exists, then we naturally cannot register it, therefore we will break it. How to do this has been repeatedly written everywhere, so we will omit the description of this process. And so, when we get access to the box, we rotate the same operation, that is, / msg ChanServ sendpass #superchannel, etc.

The above options, fairly simple to implement and believe me, work in practice. But they have one drawback, they will never go for a ride, if people know Irk, then on fairly well-known channels, where many people sit, the founder owns the services quite well during his fauna.