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Faq on Icq terms, Glossary of terms ICQ

ICQ client (ICQ Client) - installed on the PC, PDA, Mobile phone.
Accordingly, there is a version of the implementation, for each platform and OS.

Brutus (from "brute" English) - This is the process of enumerating the given passwords in order to find the right one. You need a very powerful channel and a list of possible passwords for this.

Pinch (from "pinch" English) is not an ordinary virus, but a Trojan stealing passwords.

Visa (from "visible" English) - number (uin) which in the search will be visible.

Invisibility (from "invisible") is a number that is not displayed in the search. It is considered the most reliable number of all.
number INVIZ not to be confused with the status of invitations
1. There is no information except the password
2. Not looking for a search, you can add to your contacts just by entering a number and clicking add.
2. When you change the password, the visa does not become a VISA. When you enter from any client, the visa does NOT become a visa, when you add it to contacts or it adds to your contacts, it does NOT become a visa
3. Make it visible can do any other actions than those listed above.

Reger - Program for automatic registration of ICQ numbers.

Proxy (from "proxy" English) - this is the ip-address of the remote computer / server, which allows the user to keep his anonymity when traveling on the Internet.

Primary mail (from "primary mail" English) is a postal address attached to UIN'u with which you can get it if you lose your password.

Secret questions-answers (Questions / Answers) - secret questions / answers necessary to restore a lost password.
After entering the correct answer, the password is sent to any e-mail address entered in the form of the request.
Installed on the page

Classification of ICQ numbers by beauty.

Previously, all currently existing UINs can be classified by the number of characters in the number:
- five-character
- six-character
- seven-character
- eight characters
- nine digits

In terms of prestige and significance, they are located in the same order. The most prestigious are five-figures, the least-nine marks.

In each of the above groups further classification is made according to the beauty of the room. It's already somewhat more complicated. Let us single out the main criteria:
- X numbers are when only one digit is used (eg 111111)
- XY numbers are when only two digits are used (eg 121221)
- XYZ numbers are when only three digits are used (eg 121233)
- XYZA numbers are when only four digits are used, with the fourth digit being used only once (eg 128332)
- Mirrors - this is when the right side is a mirror image of the left (for example 163361)
- stairs - this is when the numbers go in a row (for example 123456)
- simple or curved numbers (for example 153478)

Inside XY and XYZ numbers there is a division of beauty masks. Here the number of options is quite large. For example: xxyyzz, xxxxyz, xyzxyz, xyyyyz, etc.

In general, in all types of rooms prestige is determined by the number of consecutive identical numbers (for example 1777734). The more their number, the better and more beautiful.

I would also like to single out from the whole mass the so-called elite numbers. These include:
- all five-digit numbers
- six-digit numbers from the first thousand (for example 100126)
- six-digit XY numbers (for example 311111)

unreg (unregisterred) - a number that greatly corrupted the corporation AOL (owner icq) or just a server error. Such number is VERY much they can not be registered again. Now the range is registered, if it is interesting from 359999999 to 499999999.

Dead ranges - ranges of numbers (tens of thousands of numbers) unregistered generally in the status of unreg, for example, if I'm not mistaken this is the end of the 8-character range. Why this happened to anyone is unknown (well, except that AOL to the sheep ).

The number icq "invalid" is the icq number to which you can bind as many primaries as possible, so why does nobody know and when hijacking such an icq number and registering in the second mailbox for recovery, the owner and the hijacker, in turn, do the retry on their e- mail addresses, if this happened to you, you can safely throw out this number or put it in public for schoolchildren with it you will not be able to do anything.

Sploid - A virus crawling into the system through web sites. Principle of operation:

1) You open the link - the system was activated.
2) After analyzing the received information - View, browser version and possibly installed software, it issued a request for a page with a certain code that uses a browser vulnerability or any software on your computer to load you a Trojan.
3) Then he wrote down all the data from your computer (shown here) and passed the report to the server of the Trojan owner.
4) The owner of the trojan read (parsed) the report and replaced passwords on mail, ICQ, etc.

Jabber - competitor ICQ, was born in 1998, is supported by alternative IM-services, for example, Google Talk. The main difference is the decentralization of servers. As a result, a very fragmented community.

Quiet Internet Pager (QIP) - a free instant messaging program using the OSCAR protocol, in many respects similar to ICQ. QIP is a client with a closed source code intended for sending instant messages through public servers under the operating system of the Microsoft Windows family.

phantom contacts - contacts that were previously deleted, but for some reason remained on the server, or if you deleted the chela from your list, and you do not, then it will be a phantom contact. at the moment it is possible to look only in the latest versions of the jim.

Miranda IM (Miranda IM) is an instant messaging manager that can work in the most common networks, such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo and others. Miranda is freely distributed software, absolutely everything can use it for free. Miranda IM runs under the Windows operating system of any version. There is also a version of Miranda for Linux, although the program is not a cross-platform application and is focused on the Windows API, but its use is possible on the Wine shell, which causes some inconvenience to use for non-experienced users, but the possibility of its launch from Linux still exists.