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Advice to men about sex in 20-40-50 years (and not only to peasants)

Советы мужчинам о сексе в 20-40-50 лет (и не только мужикам)

If you relax, then enjoy and give pleasure to men can until old age.

It is important only to treat this also with awe, as in the young years, when, they thought, more important than intimate relationships in life nothing happens ...


She is:

Stay between the dream of a beautiful prince in the appropriate interior and reality: from the minute parents can return, the back seat of a friend's daddy's car and all that ... Women at this age are quite willing to make love, and are also quite willing to take care of the pleasure of their partner .

True, unlike their emphatically concerned peers, they are much better able to hide their own desires. In addition, the girl now - at the fork in the roads leading to big sex. And yet I did not determine which of them leads quickly and reliably to orgasm. Therefore, not everything is as it should be, but ... This is a great incentive for experimenting in plenty ...

Hormones, then, how many hormones! If you believe sex interviews of men between the ages of 20 and 30, 25% of them changed from 5 to 10 partners during the reporting period, and another 10% - more than 20. In short, you feel like a sexual giant. And not without reason. Erections are full, frequent and timely (and sometimes not in time - and at the most inopportune moment). What more could you want? Well, except to be able to control ejaculation to stretch pleasure. When you really want it.

Plan for two five-year plans
The problem is to use sex- striking sex for peaceful purposes. Well, that is ... in general, so that the quantity gradually developed into quality. And for this case we have for you some useful advice.

Do not hurry
What is the intrigue? In that you are not like everyone else. Do not pull her into the bunk after the first date (even better - after the second). And even you can, in order of variety, afford yourself somehow just gently pobormanitsya with her on the couch by the TV. This is like girls. Thus, you give them the opportunity to personally verify that not all men are lascivious males.

Do not get hung up
If you intend to achieve her orgasm at any cost - cool your fervor. You can learn by heart one million of the most sophisticated techniques from sexology aids. And even implement them. But do not be surprised if the result of your efforts is a shameful zero. In fact, at this innocent age, the young lady wants affection, gentle touches and kisses. It is these simple manipulations that contribute to its maximum emancipation, make it more sensual, bold and ready ... to your joint experiments in search of her orgasm.

Stood out, the charm lasted
A little training has not hurt anyone yet . Just do not go crazy. Calm down . If it turns out - excellent, if not - figs with it. Some other time ... But for the sake of efficiency, consider:

1. The main thing in this matter is the so-called lnnococcygeal (LC) muscles: the better they are developed, the more reliable the control. Find them simply - try to interrupt the process of emptying the bladder. What you are straining at is the very muscles. Further everything is simple: 20-25 sharp contractions of the LK muscles every day - and you are in great shape.

2. Preliminary caresses - an excellent training ground for your ejaculation. First, the degree of self-excitation is clearly monitored. And, secondly and thirdly, - depending on this very degree, you can either test the effectiveness of the LC muscle, or ask the partner for a short timeout (if you do not have the strength to endure, but want to continue).

H. Change positions more often. Each new "combination" is a new sensation plus an additional training for useful-pleasant self-regulation.

Position for two five-year plans
Same optimal: both on the side - the partner behind. Advantages are obvious - the maximum stimulation of all the erogenous zones of the partner (her neck, back and buttocks in close contact with your lips, chest and stomach) - on the one hand. On the other hand, her chest, stomach and clitoris are within reach of your hands, which is very convenient.


She is:
The curve of her sex appetite is creeping up. And the more for thirty - the steeper the schedule. Why? No dependence on the hormonal level or other objective things scientists have not yet caught.

You are growing up. Career, money, stress. The level of testosterone is still high, but spontaneous erections are already in the past.
Plan for two five-year plans

With the greatest deficit - free time. Even if you are not yet married. And if you add more family-parental responsibilities to this daily whirl ... Do not have sex here? What nonsense!

Full control over the situation, as well as ejaculation, plus a slightly subsided urge to rush to every embrasure. In short, it's time for aerobatics - unhurried foreplay with the maximum coverage of all erogenous zones. Her and yours . By the way, the best medicine for stress has not yet been invented by any medician in the world.

Strictly scheduled
If your daily schedule is so dense that the word "cling" is associated only with a pillow, try to introduce some orderliness into your sexual life. Well, in the sense of Tuesday, for example, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Sex and order are incompatible ? Believe me, very many at first thought the same way. Have not yet found in this peculiar high. What is confirmed by specially conducted research on this subject.

Position for two five-year plans
The position in which 75% of women of this age reach orgasm - unpretentious. You start in the missionary position - you are on top, face to face. Then rise on arms outstretched so that your groin leans against her genitals. All. It remains to relax the torso, take a small time-out (so that it adapts to your weight) and give her the right to choose the optimal rhythm of movements.


She is:
Her sexuality knows no bounds. But now there is a completely scientific justification for this. The level of estrogen (a female hormone) in her body falls. And the level of testosterone, responsible for sex activity, is increasing.

As one of the famous ones said : "The average age is when everything is normal enough that it's somehow average." From nowhere, there is a desire to buy a magazine with a half-naked blonde on the cover or a videotape of similar content.

And it invigorates. And still, somehow I do not want to face the truth. Namely, to recognize that obviously superfluous pork chops for obviously superfluous beer with vodka in the past had a regular cholesteric effect on the arteries supplying for an erection blood. Yes, and the level of testosterone slowly on the decline.

Plan for two five-year plans
Since the most unpleasant in the mid-life crisis is that the search for new sensations and partners often deprives the most pleasant - sex with his life friend. And just something and you had to introduce a new dynamic into your old sexual relationship. So simple.

And here the conveyor?
The main enemy of sex at this age is routine. She's bored. Well, should you take on any social responsibility? For example, at least three times to change position during each sexual intercourse? Or, say, give up your favorite missionary position for six months?

These are not trifles
Why did you take this, that something, and sex with a faithful friend of life you are guaranteed? She, by the way, has been infected with exactly the same certainty from you. Result? As a rule - a complete lack of sex. And the further, the fuller.

What is the essence?

Paradoxically, she again needs to be looked after. Well, that is petty evidence of your love and tenderness: a phone call simply because you wanted to hear her voice again, flowers without any reason, courageous disregard for the broadcast of the match "Spartak" - "Dynamo" (Kiev) in the name of careful listening to the list of problems About her relationships with co-workers, subordinates and bosses ... Yes, just a gentle kiss without any purpose! And remember: in fact - it's not trifles. Why? You will find out in bed.

Is it worth denying the stupidity associated with the use of prolonged abstinence? If it's worth it, it's only because during this period any decrease in the rate of sexual relations inevitably leads to their attenuation. Even if you have already sorted out career stresses, the problems still did not diminish: growing children, aging parents and all that. Plus, health and strength are not the same ... In a word, the ideal situation for sexual timeouts. Stop!

Pull yourself together. That is, do not neglect masturbation. Just take it as a warm-up before the main competitions.

Without shrinkage
During this period, the partner may have problems with natural lubrication of the vagina. So it's nice to get a good lubricant from an intimate pharmacy . Just in case, we recall: Vaseline and fatty creams are incompatible with a condom.

Position for two five-year plans
Clearly, 40 years is not 20 or even 33. Even if you watch yourself. The main ambush is the so-called "pelting syndrome" in the pelvic region, when there is a flow of blood from the penis to the legs. The result is unpleasant: a weakened erection and leg cramps. And now the good news: more often than not, these troubles arise if you have long sex in a missionary position. The conclusion is simple. Lie on your back and teach her a little riding. And let yourself skip.


She is:
Years go by. Well, accordingly, are reflected. Climax - the monthly, and together with them, mass production of estrogen ceases. Some women may lose the desire to have sex, But, as a rule, only those who have not shown any special activity in this area before. In others, everything is just beginning: the absence of fear of becoming pregnant promotes the emancipation of the woman and, as a consequence, increases her sexual activity.

In fact, if you previously worked nicely for the benefit of your own career, then by the age of 50 it's time to gather fruit. The only thing that spoils the cloudless picture is a slight decrease in sexual possibilities. The erection is sometimes weakened or completely absent. The arteries that provide it are no longer those.

However, the main enemy of sex at this age is your own brain. The more you think about the sad prospects for your sex future , the more likely it will be. In fact, you need to better monitor your health, play sports and throw all the complexes out of your head.

Plan for two five-year plans and beyond
Have you become more modest in desires? By no means. This is exactly the age when the quantity finally turns into quality. Your girlfriend, despite the menopause, still need attention, affection and romanticism. And you ... Well, here the changes are minimal.

Patience and work
You , her flirtatious gaze and the invocatory smile are no longer sufficient grounds for your combat readiness. As a rule, at this age, a good erection can be achieved only through direct stimulation of the genitals. Quite intense and long lasting.

Not to the finish
And remember how difficult it was to learn to control ejaculation? Now you can safely forget about it. The older you become, the harder it is to achieve ejaculation. It's time to learn how to maximize the pleasure of the process, not particularly counting on the result.

Only without panic
If your sexual desires suddenly ceased to correspond to opportunities, this does not mean that it's time to put a cross on your sex life. As a rule, we are talking about temporary impotence. Perhaps you are just too often overturning a glass lately. Relax. And cut your alcohol intake. If sex has not died in your head, not everything is lost. Potency is likely to recover.

Position on the next five-year plan
Optimal erection - when your torso is upright. Then improvise yourself. The best position is that the partner is turned with his back to you, and the chest lies on the bed. In this situation, on the one hand, maximum freedom of movement in the process of frictions is guaranteed , on the other hand, the minimum physical load. A pole to this, the possibility of effective stimulation of the partner's G-point.