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You have thawed meat incorrectly all your life: the easiest way to defrost any food

Правила размораживания пищи

Defrosting (from de ... and English frost - frost) is the process of defrosting (thawing) food products before consuming or making new products from them. Usually frozen food is stored at temperatures: frozen products -18 ° С, deep-frozen products -26 ... -36 ° С.

The methods and modes of defrosting depend on the type of food and its use. For example, frozen meat is thawed in chambers with high relative air humidity, and fish is thawed in baths with water or brine at a temperature of 15 ... 20 ° C or in installations with continuous circulation of liquid. A method for defrosting high-frequency currents by heating food has been developed. Defrosting machines are called defrosters.

If you think you have the best way to defrost products in the shortest possible time, you should think again. Studies have shown that we all thawed food in the wrong way. Scientist Susan Exted says that what most people do to defrost is a big mistake.

Правила размораживания пищи

Dr. Susan claims that the best way to defrost food is to put them in cold water. In this way, you will preserve the taste of food, because water conducts heat better than air. In addition, it is the fastest way to defrost meat and fish.

“Scientists, as well as professional chefs, have known this for a long time, but people do not know this useful trick.”

The best way to defrost meat, according to Susan, is to wrap the meat in a transparent film and put it in cold water .

The study, which considered why people tend to use the method of defrosting food in the refrigerator, concluded that this is probably because they believe that this is the most hygienic way.

In addition, you should know that those who defrost meat in the microwave also make a big mistake, because this process of defrosting microwave radiation can damage the meat . Even if you can use this meat for cooking, you need to avoid defrosting meat in the microwave.