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What foods can not eat on an empty stomach?

Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

Everyone knows that Breakfast is the most important food!

In the morning we eat, but just not always what is needed ...

Most often, pastries cause apathy, citrus fruits - gastritis, and coffee with milk - kidney stones.

And all because we eat these wrong foods.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

They contribute to the development of gastric gases, the stomach is swollen, which, you know, is not particularly pleasant.

Therefore, on an empty stomach, any yeast pastry is evil.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

What is its meaning? With the help of the beneficial bacteria it contains, yogurt helps digest food. And if all these necessary little things get into the body before eating, they will simply be swallowed by aggressive gastric juice, and there will be no sense.

That is, yogurt on an empty stomach is not that harmful - it is simply useless. It should be eaten after eating.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

When caffeine gets on the gastric mucosa, he begins to tease her. In response, it produces gastric juice, and if it is not fed with other food, it becomes “angry”, behaves aggressively and begins to eat away the mucous membrane, and therefore after a while you can expect a guest in the form of gastritis. In addition, caffeine irritates the gallbladder. That shrinks, throws a portion of bile, which is needed in order to help food digest. If she has nothing to digest, she will sadly wander around the body without any work.

Grieve and those who believe that the effect of coffee can be softened with milk. The fact is that binders in coffee and tea bind to milk proteins and form almost insoluble compounds that are deposited by stones in the kidneys.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

And all foods like sweets or sweet fruits like bananas. Sugar is instantly absorbed by the body and irritates the pancreas. In response, she begins to produce insulin.

The level of sugar in the blood instantly decreases, which is why we experience apathy and fatigue instead of being alert and full of strength.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

They contain a lot of acid, which enthusiastically attaches itself to the gastric mucosa, slowly eroding it. If you have no stomach problems, you do not experience heartburn after eating sour, then this advice can be neglected.

But if there is gastritis with increased acidity of the stomach, an ulcer and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then it is better to refrain from citrus fruits and fresh fruits.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

Our ancestors said: “Pear is for the body poison in the morning, and in the evening - a rose”. The fact is that pears contain a lot of coarse fiber, which injures the delicate mucous membranes of the digestive organs.

Pears with a very dense texture are especially dangerous: there is especially a lot of fiber in them.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

It is full of indigestible fibers that slow down the motility of the stomach and intestines - the case when they say that "the stomach is standing."

Especially a lot of these fibers in strongly astringent persimmon.


Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

He, as well as other burning spices, acts on the principle of caffeine, irritating the mucous membranes and gall bladder.

Cold drinks

Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

They constrict the vessels of the stomach. Because of this, problems with blood circulation begin, and the whole process of digestion is disturbed.

Therefore, you can not drink any cold on an empty stomach, or immediately after eating - it is better a couple of hours after.

Perfect breakfast

Какие продукты нельзя есть натощак?

Option 1

Oatmeal with milk, pieces of unsweetened fruit and nuts. The last 2-3 pieces, so as not to be too fat. Porridge - a source of slow carbohydrates, which improve the process of digestion. And sugar from such complex carbohydrates is released a little bit, maintaining the desired level of energy for several hours.

Option 2

Squirrels + vegetables (ideally seasonal, of course, but in the winter they will go and frozen). Protein from eggs, white meat and fish is completely digested, gives a long feeling of satiety and speeds up the metabolism.

Option 3

Whole-grain toast with cottage cheese and greens. Cottage cheese is a source of protein, and whole grains are useful because the shell that preserves vitamins and trace elements is not broken.

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