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How to choose quality natural spices and spices

Как выбирать специи и пряности

Food additives for food, as well as seasonings, spices, spices - chemicals, individual parts of biological products of plant origin and their mixtures, designed to improve the taste and aromatic qualities of food and ready-made meals.

Taste supplements can improve the digestion and assimilation of food, as well as the possibility of its long-term storage.

To flavor additives are spices, salt, sugar, some flavorings, sauces, ready-to-eat foods (ketchup, mustard, horseradish), oil mixtures (mustard oil, green, anchovy, cancer, etc.) and other substances that affect on the taste or flavor (glutamate sodium, diluted with water, acetic essence, citric acid, etc.).

Natural spices

Как выбирать специи и пряности

Yes, it did not seem to you, even such things as spices and spices are also excellent forging . My bitter experience is proof of this. Once, when I bought the usual black ground pepper, I, opening the package, without looking inside, added this spice to the almost ready dish. But having examined it more closely, I noticed that the black pepper is not black at all, but some gray with incomprehensible impregnations of something white. After trying what I prepared, the dish had to be thrown away, because it was not black ground pepper, but something incomprehensible, which ultimately spoiled my dish.

No one is immune from the acquisition of spoiled spices and seasonings, even where they grow ... Often, traveling by distant countries, we buy low-grade goods in tourist shops, and the real spices remain and are not known by us.

This problem was before ... For example, under the guise of the most expensive spices (saffron) for several centuries have been selling cheap safflower. And what kind of spices can you say if they are sold on the market in an open manner? Such trade points should be avoided altogether, preferring the packaged goods (in foil or glass containers).

The simplest way is to check the quality of the whole product, the powder mixtures often contain extra particles, the presence of which can be found only in a special laboratory.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

According to GOST, the diameter of black pepper peas should not exceed 3-5 millimeters. When squeezing the pepper has the property of breaking down into large particles, leaving a slightly greasy, oily trail. Overdried or poor-quality product after such manipulation turns into a husk.

Shells of green pepper are rich in olive color, and it has a slightly friable structure. White pepper has no shell, it has a delicate coffee color. Sweet pepper has large kernels (5-9 millimeters). If you immerse it in water, it will drown.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

You can distinguish quality cinnamon from counterfeiting, both in a hammer and in a single form. Iodine is added to the powder. If the product has turned blue, then, before you, cassia is the most common analogue of cinnamon.

Cinnamon sticks differ slightly reddish color, and also more thin and friable structure. Cassius is much rougher than her cousin and twisted one-sidedly.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

Most often, under the guise of this expensive spice, we are offered safflower, dried beetroot, or turmeric. To distinguish the real saffron from forgery is quite simple: its cost is simply prohibitive, the appearance is homogeneous, the spice has a rich red color.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

Vanilla pods come in several varieties, their properties persist for many years. It is worth buying this spice in pods, as its quality will still be higher than that of synthetic vanillin.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

Quality cloves have a strong aroma and burning taste. Its shape is uniform, color brown, usually the legs are darker than buds. Like black pepper, if damaged, cloves give off an oily liquid.

If you drop the fresh spice into the water, it will float as a "soldier", and a poor-quality clove will remain "lying" on the surface.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

Determine the quality of cardamom can be in appearance: the size of the boxes should not be more than 2.5 cm, the color - brown-green. A bright green shade indicates chemical staining, and yellow indicates incorrect drying.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

The color of the quality spice is red-brown. If the sprockets are damaged on the seed, oily liquid should be released. Broken or too dark fruits indicate a poor-quality product.


Как выбирать специи и пряности

Not everyone knows that often under the guise of powdered turmeric we are selling ordinary colored paints. Learn about the forgery can by dissolving a small amount of the product in water. If the surface is formed whitish divorce, then you have acquired a falsified product.

These little tricks, tips and tips, will help you in choosing really natural and quality spices. Do not be afraid, buying them to try, smell and do everything that will help you to confirm the authenticity and naturalness of the spice that you want to buy. To do this, it is better to buy such spices that are sold for weight, because in the store you will not open the package and you will not be able to see what is really inside.

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