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Boil (boil)

It develops as a result of acute purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair sac - the follicle and the surrounding tissue and.
Symptoms and course:
The initial manifestations are in the form of ostiofolliculitis or folliculitis. Subsequently, a dense, painful, cone-shaped node of a crimson-red color appears, in the center of which a softening appears after a few days. Then it is opened with the release of more or less pus and a funnel-shaped ulcer is formed with a yellowish-greenish core of dead tissue above it. After a while, the necrotic core separates, the ulcer clears, inflammation, swelling, swelling and soreness quickly decrease. Boils always heal with scar formation.
Clinically distinguish: 1) a single boil; 2) localized furunculosis, when elements sequentially occur in the same area, for example, on the forearm, lower back, etc. The causes of localized furunculosis are most often the wrong methods of treatment and regimen (use of compresses, not treating residual compaction, washing the place where the elements appear ); 3) general (diffuse) furunculosis - the chronic appearance of more and more new elements in various parts of the skin.
For a single boil, sometimes one external therapy in the form of ichthyol stickers (see folliculitis), stop washing the affected areas, the use of physiotherapeutic methods of UHF, dry heat, ultrasound is enough. However, the localization of even one boil on the face, and, in particular, in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle, nose and lips, requires urgent hospitalization of the patient, complete rest for the facial muscles (prohibition of speech communication, transfer to liquid food) and general therapy. With the localization of the boil on the face and with general furunculosis, broad-spectrum antibiotics are used. A thorough examination of the patient is necessary and, based on its results, the appointment of corrective measures. To increase the body's resistance, patients with chronic furunculosis are prescribed autohemotherapy, injections of aloe vera extract, gamma globulin, etc. In persistent cases, immunotherapy with a staphylococcal vaccine is carried out; ingestions of fresh brewer's yeast and sulfur in powders are sometimes useful.
Local therapy with pure ichthyol should be used only until the boil is opened, then several layers of gauze moistened with a hypertonic solution are applied to it (for suction of pus).
After removing the necrotic core and pus from the opened boil, ointments are prescribed antibacterial and promoting granulation (Vishnevsky ointment, etc.), ichthyol can again be applied to the infiltrate around the ulcer.