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Lactational mastitis

Inflammatory disease of the mammary gland caused by various pyogenic microbes, mainly staphylococcus and Escherichia coli. Most often, the infection penetrates through the appeared cracks in the nipples.
Symptoms and course:
The onset of the disease is acute: repeated chills, temperature 38 ± C and above. The skin over the area of ​​inflammation is hyperemic (hot and red), saphenous veins are dilated, cracks on the nipples, axillary lymph nodes are sensitive to palpation. At first, the infiltrate does not have clear boundaries, which are determined later, then during suppuration, the seal softens. With the transition of the process into purulent, the patient's condition worsens, intoxication intensifies, leukocytosis and ESR in peripheral blood increase.
Treatment begins at the first sign of a disease. Antibiotics are prescribed oxacillin, lincomycin, methicillin, etc. in combination with compresses (Vishnevsky ointment, alcohol). Lactation should be suppressed. The child is fed with donor milk. Mother and child isolate from all. At suppuration surgical intervention is shown (see. Ch. Surgical diseases).