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Inflammation of the mediastinal tissue is caused more often by a purulent nonspecific infection. There is both primary (trauma to the mediastinal organs) and secondary (complication of various purulent processes in the body).
Symptoms and course:
The disease is distinguished by the severity of the course, the complexity of early diagnosis and high mortality. There are 3 forms of mediastinitis: acute purulent, acute purulent and chronic.
For acute forms, chest pains, shortness of breath, chills, and fever are typical. Purulent mediastinitis is especially difficult, in which chest pains are pronounced and constant. A characteristic feature is a sudden acute onset with a violent manifestation of various symptoms. All signs can be divided into two groups: general, caused by intoxication, and symptoms caused by local compression of organs, blood vessels and nerves. The most justified should be considered active surgical tactics, mandatory for purulent forms of the disease.
The severity of the course of chronic mediastinitis is due to the development in the connective tissue of fibrous scars that compress the mediastinal organs. Treatment for chronic mediastepitises is mostly conservative: antibiotic therapy, radiotherapy. Surgical intervention is indicated in rare cases with severe compression of one or another organ of the mediastinum with scars.