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Medication Description: Sulfocamphocainum

SULFOCAMFOCAIN 10% for injection (Sulfocamphocainum 10% pro injectioibus).

The complex compound of sulfonic acid and novocaine base, soluble in water and used as a 10% solution for parenteral administration.

Colorless or slightly yellowish transparent liquid; pH 4, 2 - 5, 8. Sterilized at + 100 ° C for 30 minutes.

The effect of the drug is close to camphor, but due to its solubility in water, it is quickly absorbed by subcutaneous and intramuscular administration, it does not cause the formation of infiltrates (and ole), and can be administered intravenously.

Used for the prevention and treatment of cardiac and respiratory failure, with infectious diseases, with cardiogenic shock, etc.

Injected under the skin, intramuscularly or intravenously in 2 ml, if necessary, 2 to 3 times a day.

In acute cases, administered intravenously (slowly streamed or drip). In chronic respiratory and heart failure, they are used intramuscularly or subcutaneously (if necessary within 20 to 30 days).

The maximum daily dose of 12 ml (adults).

The drug is contraindicated in idiosyncrasy to Novocain. Care should be taken when administering the drug to patients with low blood pressure due to the possibility of the hypotensive action of novocaine.

Product form: 10% solution in 2 ml ampoules in a package of 10 or 100 ampoules.

Storage: protected from light.

Rp .: Sulfocamphocaini 10% 2 ml

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