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Description of the medicine: Ethyl alcohol (Spiritus aethylicus)

ETHYL ALCOHOL (Spiritus aethylicus).

Synonyms: Wine alcohol, Spiritus vini.

According to the pharmacological properties, ethyl alcohol is a fatty drug. The CNS cells, especially the cells of the cerebral cortex, are most sensitive to ethyl alcohol (alcohol), acting on which, it causes a characteristic alcoholic excitement associated with a weakening of inhibition processes. Then, weakening of the processes of excitation in the cortex, inhibition of the spinal cord and medulla with the suppression of the activity of the respiratory center, also ensue. The use of alcohol in large doses inside leads to a violation of the basic vital functions of the body.

In medical practice, ethyl alcohol is used mainly as an external antiseptic and irritant for rubdowns, compresses, etc.

Previously, intravenously administered with gangrene and lung abscess in the form of a 20 33% solution in sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution or in sterile water for injection. In the form of a 33% solution in a 5% glucose solution, it is sometimes used during combined intravenous general anesthesia ("ethanol anesthesia").

Ethyl alcohol is widely used in various dilutions for the manufacture of tinctures, extracts and dosage forms for external use.

Ethyl alcohol 95%. A mixture of alcohol with water containing 95 - 96% by volume of ethyl alcohol. A transparent, colorless, volatile, flammable liquid with a characteristic alcoholic smell and burning to taste. Burns with a bluish flame. Miscible in any ratio with water, ether, chloroform. Density 0.812 - 0.808. Boiling point 78 C.

Ethyl alcohol 90%. A mixture of ethyl alcohol 95% (92, 7 parts) and water (7, 3 parts).

Ethyl alcohol 70%. A mixture of 95% ethyl alcohol (67.5 parts) and water (32.5 parts).

Ethyl alcohol 40%. A mixture of ethyl alcohol 95% (36 parts) and water (64 parts).

All dosage forms containing ethyl alcohol are dispensed exclusively by prescription.