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Description of the medicine: Sulsen (Sulsenum)

SULSEN (Sulsenum).

Selenium disulfide.

Fine amorphous yellow-orange powder. Practically insoluble in water and alcohol.

It contains about 55% selenium and 45% sulfur.

A similar drug is sold abroad under the name Selenium sulfide (Selsun sulfide).

Used in the treatment of seborrhea of ​​the scalp.

Sulsen soap contains 2.5% sulsen. Sulsen paste also contains 2.5% sulsen; mixed with a special foaming base containing an anionic emulsifier.

Sulsen soap or paste is used after normal shampooing; spermaceti, lanolin or baby soap is recommended for dry seborrhea, and 72% laundry soap for oily seborrhea.

After washing the hair, wet hair is washed with sulsen soap and thoroughly rubbed into the skin of the scalp. For one wash, 2–3 g of soap is consumed (one piece of soap weighing 25 g is designed for 8 to 10 procedures). The foam is left on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes, after which it is thoroughly washed off with warm water (temperature not higher than +40 C) and the hair is wiped dry.

Instead of sulsen soap, you can apply in the same way 2, 5% sulsen paste; spend one time a teaspoon of pasta. Tuba with paste is designed for 6 - 8 procedures.

Sulsen preparations are used 1 time per week (with oily seborrhea it can be used 2 times a week in the first 2 weeks) for 1 - 1, 5 months.

After the end of the course of treatment, it is recommended to prophylactically use sulsen soap or paste 1 time in 1 to 2 months. With relapse, repeat the course of treatment.

When treating sulsen with drugs, side effects usually do not occur. Foam and rinse water should not get into the eyes. After the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly.

Sulsen soap should be stored in a tight packaging that protects from light.

When working with sulsen, you need to take measures to prevent it from getting on the skin and eyes.