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Description of the medicine: Lansoprazole


2 - [[[3-Methyl-4- (2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy) -2-pyridyl] methyl] sulfinyl] benzimidazole.

Synonyms: Lansoptol, Lansal, Lansoff, Lansophedum, Lansoptol, Lanzap.

The whitish-brownish granular powder. Moderately soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water and hexane.

By action, indications for use and side effects close to omeprazole.

Assign inside: with peptic ulcer of 0.02 g (30 mg) once a day; With gastric ulcer and reflux-esophagitis - 0.03-0.06 g 2 times a day.

Form release: capsules of 0.03 g (30 mg) (N. 10, 20).

Storage: List B.