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Description of the medicine: Docusate sodium (Docusate sodium)

SODIUM DOCUSATE (Docusate sodium).

Sodium salt of 1,4-bis (2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate.

Synonym: Norgalax, Norgalax.

Derivative of butadionic acid.

When introduced into the rectum, it causes softening of feces and reflex irritation of the receptors of the intestinal mucosa. The laxative effect develops after 5-20 minutes.

It is used for rectal administration in the form of a gel (mini-enema). One mini-enema (10 g) contains docusate sodium 0.12 g, carboxymethyl cellulose 0.22 g, glycerol 3 g.

May cause burning sensation in the rectum.

Release form: cubes on 10 g of jelly with a rectal tip. After removing the cap, the tip is completely inserted into the rectum and squeeze the contents of the cube.

Docusate potassium salt is available in tablet form and is also part of a number of foreign combined laxatives (Collace, Corectol, Dialose, Dorbantyl, Doxinate, Gelcaps, Laxcaps, etc.).