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Medication Description: Perftoran (Perftoranum)

Perftoran (Perftoranum).

An emulsion (white with a bluish tint) based on perfluoro-organic compounds (1 l of an aqueous solution contains perfluorodecalin 13 g, perfluoromethylclohexylpiperidine 6.5 g, proxanol alcohol 4 g, sodium chloride 0.6 g, potassium chloride 0.039 g, magnesium chloride 0.019 g, sodium bicarbonate 0.065 g, sodium phosphate monosubstituted 0.02 g and glucose 0.2 g).

The original domestic drug.

Plasma substituting and gas transport means (it has the ability to reversibly bind and carry oxygen and carbon dioxide).

Chemically inert (in the body does not undergo biotransformation).

Proposed for the treatment of hypovolemia associated with blood loss, shock, trauma, intoxication.

Usually intravenously injected 5-30 ml / kg, it is possible to re-enter the same dose 3 times with an interval of 1-4 days.

Maximum doses: single - 30 ml / kg; daily - 100 ml / kg.

Possible side effects: hyperthermia, tachycardia, arterial hypotension, headache, pain in the sternum and lumbar region, difficulty breathing, allergic (including anaphylactoid) reactions.

Contraindications: hemophilia, allergic diseases.

Form release: emulsion for infusion in bottles of 50, 100, 200 and 400 ml.