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Medication Description: Semax (Semaxum)

SEMAX (Semaxum).

Synthetic peptide compound containing 7 amino acid residues (4-10) included in the adrenocorticotropic hormone molecule (comprising 39 amino acid residues).

The original domestic drug.

It does not possess hormonal (adrenocorticotropic) activity, but it has an activating (nootropic, adaptogenic) effect on the central nervous system. The drug improves memorization, facilitates the analysis of information, increases the body's resistance to hypoxia, favorably affects the condition of patients with disorders of cerebral circulation, contributes to the restoration of neurological functions after a stroke.

It is proposed for use in intellectual-mnestic disorders in vascular disorders of the brain, after suffering brain injury and neurosurgical interventions, in asthenic disorders of various origins, to improve adaptation to extreme conditions, and in neuritis.

Assign intranasally (in the form of nasal drops). With this method of administration the drug is well absorbed (up to 60-70% in terms of the active substance).

Enter 2-3 drops (no more) in each half of the nose 2-3 times a day at intervals of 4-5 hours for 3-5 (up to 14) days. If necessary, increase the dose, digging in again at intervals of 10-15 minutes.

The drug is contraindicated in acute mental disorders, accompanied by anxiety, with diseases of the endocrine system.

Product form: 0.1% solution (drops for the nose) in dropper bottles of 3 ml.

Storage: List B. At a temperature of +8 to +10 ° C.