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Description of the medicine: Sodium ethaminal (Aethaminalum-natrium)

ETAMINAL-NATRIUM (Aethaminalum-natrium). 5-Ethyl-5- (2-amyl) -sodium barbiturate.

Synonyms: Nembutal, Embutal, Isobarb, Mebubarbital, Narcoren, Nembutal sodium, Nembutal natrium, Pental, Pentobarbitalum Natricum, Pentobarbital sodium, Pentobarbital solublte, Pentone, Prodormol, Somnopentyl, Sopental, etc.

White melkokristallichesky powder without a smell, bitter taste. Hygroscopic. Soluble in water. Aqueous solutions have an alkaline reaction.

The drug has a hypnotic, and in higher doses a narcotic effect. Sleep occurs relatively quickly (in 30 to 45 minutes), lasts 5-6 hours.

Assign inside as a hypnotic for adults, usually at a dose of 0.1 - 0.2 g; Children are assigned 0.01-1.1 g, depending on the age.

The drug can be used rectally (in enemas 0.2 g - 0.3 g). Intravenously injected slowly in the form of 5% of an aseptically prepared fresh solution (5 - 10 ml).

Higher doses for adults inside; Single 0.3 g, daily 0.6 g.

Product: powder. Previously produced tablets etaminal sodium 0.1 grams are excluded from the nomenclature of medicines.

Storage: List B. In a well ukuporennoy container.