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Medication Description: Urodan (Urodanum)

URODAN (Urodanum).

A mixture of the following composition: piperazine phosphate 2, 5 parts, hexamethylenetetramine 8 parts, sodium benzoate 2, 5 parts, lithium benzoate 2 parts, sodium phosphate (disubstituted) 10 parts, sodium bicarbonate 37, 5 parts, tartaric acid 35, 6 parts, sugar 1, 9 parts.

White granules. Easily soluble in water with the release of carbon dioxide.

Apply with gout, kidney stones, spondyloarthritis, chronic polyarthritis.

Application is based on a shift in urine pH to an alkaline side. The presence of piperazine phosphate and lithium benzoate in the preparation promotes the formation of a relatively easily soluble salt of uric acid and its excretion with urine.

Assign inside before eating 1 teaspoonful in 1/2 cup of water 3 - 4 times a day. Apply for a long time (30 - 40 days). If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Form release: 100 g in glass jars or bags of plastic film.

Storage. In a dry place.