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Description of the medicine: Cystenal (Cystenal)

CYSTENAL (Cystenal) *.

A complex preparation containing tincture of madder root 0.093 g, magnesium salicylate 0.14 g, essential oils 5, 75 g, ethyl alcohol 0.8 g, olive oil up to 10 g.

It has an antispasmodic and moderate diuretic effect, relaxes the muscle fibers of the walls of the ureters and facilitates the passage of small stones.

Apply with kidney stone disease. Assign inside 3-4 drops in sugar 30 minutes before meals; with an attack of colic, take 20 drops once. Patients with frequent bouts of colic are prescribed 10 drops 3 times a day.

With heartburn associated with taking the drug, it is taken during or after a meal.

Contraindications: acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, kidney stone disease with impaired renal function, gastric ulcer.

Release form: in bottles of 10 ml.