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Spa treatment

Sanatorium treatment can be considered the most natural, physiological. With many diseases, especially during the period of remission, i.e. After the disappearance of acute manifestations, it is the most effective. Along with natural healing factors, physiotherapy methods are widely used in resorts, using appropriate techniques, diet therapy, physiotherapy exercises, massage, acupuncture, all this allows to minimize the use of medications, and in many cases completely reject them.
Sanatorium treatment is contraindicated for people suffering from infectious diseases, including venereal diseases, mental disorders, and also to those who may be harmed by staying in the resort - in the acute phase of various diseases, with a tendency to bleeding, with neoplasms, especially of malignant origin, and Women in the second half of pregnancy, as well as in the presence of obstetric pathology.
Depending on the prevalence of this or that natural factor, the resorts are divided into climatic, balneological and mud baths.

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