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Dentistry is a division of medicine, combining various diseases of the maxillofacial area, the oral mucosa, teeth and neck. Among all the ailments of the person, the most frequent lesions are the teeth, neglecting the treatment of which entails various complications of the inflammatory nature (abscess, phlegmon, osteomyelitis), threatening health, and in severe cases and human life.
In patients with teeth, in the absence of even a few, the act of mechanical processing of food is not perfect, which affects the state of the stomach and intestinal tract, contributes to the occurrence of gastritis, stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers.
According to statistics, very high-gravity, including faces, where the fractures of the facial skeleton predominate: the lower and upper jaw, the malar bone, the nose, and the orbit. Correctly provided first aid - its methods are set out in this chapter - will facilitate the fate of the victim and improve the prognosis of treatment.
The appearance of tumoral processes in the maxillofacial region is not uncommon. Knowledge of their signs will allow us to turn to specialists in the early period of tumor development and provide a more favorable outcome.
It affects dentistry and very frequent, such disturbing phenomena for a person as toothache, bad breath, bleeding from the gums and after tooth extraction - all that disturbs the habitual sense of health and beauty of the face.

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