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Strengthening the Muscle Corset: 5-minute Mueller exercises

Укрепляем мышечный корсет

Flexibility - the ability of a person to perform exercises with a large amplitude. Also, flexibility is the absolute range of motion in a joint or series of joints, which is achieved in instant effort. Flexibility is important in some sports, especially in rhythmic gymnastics. In humans, flexibility is not the same in all joints. A practitioner who easily performs longitudinal twine may have difficulty performing transverse twine. In addition, depending on the type of training, the flexibility of various joints may increase. Also, for a single joint, flexibility can be different in different directions.

Strengthening the muscle corset is necessary for every person, since this group of muscles provides the correct position of the spine and maximum protection of internal organs.

It is important to understand that the deep muscles of the back, chest and abdomen play the main role in such protection.

Postural disorders and many diseases often occur against the background of a weakened muscle corset, which is why decided to tell which exercises are best suited to strengthen the muscle groups that form the muscle corset.

Self-test before strengthening the muscle corset

Before you start directly to strengthen the muscle corset, it is better to check in what condition it is at the moment. Later, such a self-test can be performed to assess the effectiveness of the exercises.

Method 1

  • Lie belly down, tear your arms and legs off the floor (at the same time!).
  • Having pulled the navel, tighten the muscles of the cortex, bend the back and raise the chest.

In this position, you need to hold out a minute. If you can’t do it, it's time to seriously think about strengthening your muscle corset.

Method 2

  • Stand on all fours so that your legs form right angles at the bend points.
  • Look in front of you and, stretching your neck, stretch your left arm and right leg (or vice versa) back and forth, respectively.

The purpose of the test is to maintain balance. If you didn’t succeed, it’s time to work on stabilizing muscles.

Ways to strengthen the muscle corset: 5-minute Mueller system

Many exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscle corset: fitness, and Pilates, and barbells with dumbbells. However, there is excellent gymnastics, which is liked by almost everyone and does not require any trips to the gym or special equipment.

The Muller system consists of 60 respiratory movements performed simultaneously with ten exercises with the calculation of 1 exercise = 6 breaths. In the Mueller system, there are three degrees of difficulty in performing exercises, he recommends everyone to start with exercises of the least degree of difficulty.

The first five of the exercises below are performed slowly 6 times, i.e. 1 exercise = 1 respiratory movement. The second five exercises are performed at an accelerated pace: maximum movements for 4 respiratory movements, 2 respiratory movements - rest. Breathing during exercise to strengthen the muscle corset is necessary through the chest and through the nose.

Description of 10 Mueller exercises to strengthen muscle corset

Since Müller recommends everyone to start classes to strengthen the muscle corset precisely from the initial level of complexity, and to begin to complicate exercises only after honing skills, we decided to bring first-degree exercises for beginners to practice according to the Müller system.

Exercise 1

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: Hands on the belt. Feet nearby.

  • Slowly raise your leg forward as high as possible, keeping your back straight and without bending your legs at the knees. Raise the first leg and lower it on inhalation. The second - without a break on the exhale.
  • After this follows a slow rise of any leg to the side and lowering - everything is inhaled, the second leg is lifted to the side and lowered on the exhale.
  • Further, keeping your back straight, alternately raise one leg back and lower it (while inhaling), repeat the movement with the second leg (while exhaling).

Repeat the cycle twice.

Exercise 2

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: feet at a short step.

  • On inspiration, bend back as far as possible (with your head), feed your hips forward and bend your clenched hands in your elbows and hands.
  • As you exhale, lean forward and down, straighten your arms and try to touch the floor with them. Do not bend your knees.

Exercise 3

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: heels are closed.

  • On inspiration, tilt the body to the left (including the head), while moving the bent right hand (palm down) behind the head, exhale and return to the PI.
  • Tilt to the right with your bent left hand.
  • Do not lift your heels.

Exercise 4

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: feet at the maximum distance from each other, heels facing out.

  • Hands hang weakly on the sides, we turn the body, the right shoulder - backward, the left thigh - forward and vice versa.
  • Turns should be done as far as possible without rotating the feet.

Exercise 5

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: legs shoulder-width apart, arms lowered on the sides.

  • Hands (palms down) slowly raise forward by inspiration.
  • Doing a deep squat while exhaling.
  • Straighten up.

Exercise 6

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: the feet are parallel to each other, almost closed.

  • Hands on the belt.
  • On inspiration, we pull the sock and take the left foot back (do not bend the knees, do not bend). Lower the leg.
  • On exhalation, we lift the other leg and, accordingly, lower it.

Exercise 7

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: feet shoulder width apart, arms on the belt.

  • With the hips forward, we tilt the body back (keep the neck straight).
  • Having hips back and sticking the stomach forward, we tilt the body forward, keeping the back and neck straight.
  • Do not take breaks between inclinations forward and backward, breathe evenly.

Exercise 8

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: hands clenched in fists, heels closed.

  • Tilt your torso to the right, pull your left arm bent at the elbow up, and lower your right hand down.
  • Tilt the body to the left and pull the right arm bent at the elbow up, and lower the left.

Exercise 9

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

IP: the feet are wide apart, the feet are looking inward.

  • Quickly rotate the upper body in the belt (the head does not turn with the body) to the right, and then to the left, the lower body should be motionless. Two rotations for inhalation and two rotations for exhalation. The ultimate goal is for 4 breaths of 40 rotations in both directions.
  • When the right shoulder moves backward, the left thigh moves forward and vice versa.

Exercise 10

IP: legs are slightly apart and parallel, arms are down

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

1. Raise the right leg bent at the knee, then the left. The toe of the foot should be lowered down, do not bend.

Укрепляем мышечный корсет: 5-минутные упражнения по Мюллеру

2. Leaving the upper part of the leg motionless, we raise alternately the lower part of the left and right legs back and up. A heel strike on the buttock is a sign of proper execution.

Perform exercises to strengthen the muscle corset, taking into account all the recommendations of Müller, in order to protect yourself from problems with internal organs and impaired posture.