Directory of Diseases (letter E)


Ezofagit - inflammation of the esophagus. Develops with systematic irritation of the mucosa of the esophagus (use of acute or rough, poorly chewed food, strong alcoholic beverages), with acute trauma ... more

EKZEMA is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin of the neuro-allergic nature, characterized by erythematous-vesiculitis itching eruptions. It arises sharply, then it takes a chronic course with ... more

EXOFTALM - eyeball forward (sometimes with a shift to the side). The causes can be inflammatory processes in the cavity of the orbit, fractures of its walls, tumors, thyroid gland diseases, which occur with ... more

EMBOLY - acute blockage of the vessel with a violation of the blood supply to the tissue or organ as a result of blood flow of various substrates (emboli) that do not occur normally. More often thromboembolism is noted, which ... more

EMPIEMA - see Abscess

Emphysema of the lungs is a pathological process characterized by increased air filling of spaces distal to terminal bronchioles, destruction of alveolar septa, which reduces the surface of the capillary bed, ... more

ENCOPREZ - see In vitro Stool incontinence

ECLAMPSIA - see Toxicosis of Pregnant Women

ELECTROTRAVRA - damage resulting from the action of an electric current of great strength or discharge of atmospheric electricity (lightning) ... more

Endocarditis - an inflammation of the endocardium. When localized on the valves of the heart valves (valvulitis) is the basis for the formation of most acquired heart defects. Like myocarditis, with which he usually combines, ... more

ENDOMETRIOZ is a disease characterized by growth morphologically and functionally similar to the mucous membrane of the body of the uterus (endometrium) of the tissue beyond its usual location. It occurs frequently and is ... more

ENTERIT - inflammatory or inflammatory-dystrophic lesion of the small intestine, resulting in chronic course to the atrophy of its mucous membrane. Excrete acute and chronic enteritis ... more

Enterobiosis - helminthiosis, characterized by perianal itching and intestinal disorders ... more

ENCEPHALIT - inflammatory disease of the brain of an infectious, infectious-allergic or allergic nature. Along with brain damage, spinal cord injury (encephalomyelitis) and ... more

ENCEPHALIT KLESCHEVOY (syn: encephalitis taiga, encephalitis spring-summer) is an acute viral disease characterized by damage to the gray matter of the brain and spinal cord with the development of paresis and paralysis ... more

ENCEPHALIT KOMARINY (syn: Japanese encephalitis) - acute natural focal infectious disease, proceeding according to the type of meningoencephalitis ... more

EPIDERMOPHITISY STOP is a disease of the skin and nails caused by the fungus Trichophyton interdigitale. Especially common among athletes (the so-called athlete's foot), metallurgists and others whose profession is associated with ... more

EPIDEMIC PAROTHYT (syn: zaushnitsa, mumps) is an acute infectious disease characterized by the defeat of glandular organs (parotid and submandibular salivary glands, gonads, more often testicles, pancreas, etc.). And ... more

Epicondylitis is a dystrophic process in the places where the muscles are attached to the epicondyle of the humerus, accompanied by reactive inflammation of adjacent tissues ... more

EPILEPSIA is a chronic disease caused by CNS damage; Manifested seizures and specific personality changes. ... read more

EPITHELIAL SMOKED PROCESS is a congenital disease in which a part of the epithelium in the interannual fold is immersed in the subcutaneous tissue. At the same time, one or more fistulous passages are retained in the interannual fold (sometimes in ... more

ERYTROPLAKY Cervix - a lesion of the mucous membrane of the vaginal part of the cervix, characterized by atrophy of the surface layers of the epithelium ... more

EROSION OF THE STOMACH - superficial defect of the gastric mucosa that does not reach the muscular plate and heals without scar formation ... more

CERVICAL EROSION. Congenital erosion of the cervix is ​​an ectopy (displacement) of the cylindrical epithelium of the uterine canal towards the multilayered flat epithelium of the mucous membrane of the vaginal cervix of the uterus .... more

ETMOIDITI - inflammation of the mucosa of cells of the latticed bone. Acute ethmoiditis often occurs as a complication of infectious or allergic rhinitis, influenza, measles, scarlet fever, etc., as well as due to ... more