Pig (good old)

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

Knight's character (this is the top for pigs). Gallant, helpful, meticulous to the extreme. You can trust her, she will not sell to you and will never try to deceive anyone. It is naive, trusting, defenseless. In short, we can say that the pig - "the hat". However, do not believe her apparent weakness, it is only peaceful.

In pigs, a few friends, but she keeps them for a lifetime and I am glad they capable of great sacrifices. Very attentive, especially to those who like it. Women of this sign love to make gifts and organize small celebrations. This is a good hostess. In pigs, lively character, but she never would object to you or to discuss if she likes you. In short, it is not a litigious and will be ready for all concessions to avoid a contentious process, although it is certain that they are right. Being impulsive and honest, she always plays in favor of those less scrupulous.

PIG can devote himself to any profession, it always manifests itself conscientious and hard-working employee. Due to their sensitivity, can be successful in some forms of art, such as poetry and literature. But things it can take and poor circulation. One of the most unsympathetic traits addicted to "dirt", as it is still a pig. From a material point of view, she always finds what she needs for a living wage. She will work and money, and it does not need to expend much effort. Throughout her life, she will receive assistance that will help it to achieve the highest financial spheres. Folk wisdom says that "it has always delivered the food to the back of the thought that it becomes oily and it could be eaten during New Year holidays." Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and do not trust anyone. Typically, they abuse it.

The same will happen in the realm of the senses. It will often be loved, but not less, and duped, disappointed. Woman PIG is a good mother. She needs to connect his life with a cat. It's going for it is the surest way to avoid disputes. Let avoids SNAKE as quickly fall into dependence on it. It is easy to allow itself to be fooled, will accept their failures serene, and the faults of others - is tolerated.

Being a good player never reveals the spirit of competition. It is so impartial, that self-righteousness will endlessly ask themselves whether it is honest and loyal to a particular case comes. Extremely sincere, to the point that completely destroys doubts, disarming his opponents. If you lie, then in extreme cases and only for self-defense. Although she is smart, there are no tricks or a penny. It often happens that she does not have enough skill. Helpless against the hypocrisy, she becomes entangled in an attempt to justify himself. She always believes in what she is told, and feels the need to give evidence that she approves.

PIG - cheerful companion in the community, often slightly dissolved. Rarely she says, but if this is achieved, it expresses all the time, and nothing can stop it before it has exhausted the topic of conversation.

As APE, PIG - intellectual. She has a great thirst for knowledge. He reads a lot, but indiscriminately. She kind of well-informed person, but actually it is not so. If you test her knowledge, you will notice that they are not as full as they seem. It is a materialist. It is characteristic of love for epicurean, sensuality.

Under the complacent view PIG hides will and even authoritativeness. Whatever its ambitions outlined goals and objectives, it performs its duty with all the force which is capable of. This inner strength is great, nobody can resist it. If PIG took a decision, nothing can stop her. But before you decide, it will be a long time to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and may give the impression that she hesitates and does not know what he wants. She knows it, but in order to avoid complications, she has so long to speculate that at times is unhealthy.

Pigs must avoid snake that obovetsya around her so that she could not move. GOAT will abuse her kindness.

The first phase of the PIG life is relatively calm. During the latter may have all sorts of problems of married life. But the modest and timid PIG never resorted to outside help. She will find a way out. No one is unaware of her feelings. If she was born long before the holidays, you will avoid the trouble, but the closer the date of her birth to the day of the holiday, the more chances it has to be "eaten".