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Pig (good old)

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

Knightly character (this is the top for PIGS). Gallant, helpful, scrupulous to the extreme. You can trust her, she will not sell you and will never try to deceive anyone. She is naive, trusting, defenseless. In short, it can be said that PIG is a "hat." However, do not believe its apparent weakness, it is only peaceful.

Piglet has few friends, but she keeps them for life and is happy to be able to make great sacrifices. Very attentive, especially to those who like it. Women of this sign love to make presents and organize small holidays. This is a good hostess. PIG has a lively character, but she will never argue with you or argue if she loves you. In short, she is not inclined to arrogance and will be ready for all concessions in order to avoid controversial processes, although she will be sure that she is right. Being impulsive and honest, she always loses in favor of the one who is less scrupulous.

PIG can devote itself to any profession, it will always prove itself a conscientious and hardworking worker. Due to its sensitivity, it can succeed in some types of art, such as poetry and literature. But things can take a bad turn. One of the most unsympathetic features of addiction to "dirt", since it is still a pig. From a material point of view, she will always find what she needs for a living wage. She will have work and money, and for this you do not need to expend large efforts. Throughout her life, she will receive assistance that will help her reach the highest financial areas. Popular wisdom says that "she will always get food with a back thought, so that she becomes fat and could be eaten on New Year's holidays." Therefore, she needs to be careful and not trust anyone. It is usually abused.

The same will happen in the field of feelings. She will often be loved, but at least fooled and disappointed. Woman PIG will be a good mother. She needs to connect her life with KOTOM. It will be for her the surest way to avoid disputes. Let him avoid the SNAKE, as he will quickly become dependent on her. She will easily allow herself to be fooled, will accept her failures serenely, and the faults of others will be tolerated.

Being a good player, never discovers the spirit of competition. She is so impartial that in order to be sure of her rightness, she will endlessly ask herself whether she is acting honestly and loyally in this or that case. Unusually sincere, to such an extent that it completely destroys doubts, disarming his opponents. If lying, then in extreme cases, and only for self-defense. Although she is smart, there is no trick in her. It often happens that she lacks the knack. Helpless against hypocrisy, she is confused in attempts to justify herself. She always believes in what she is told, and feels the need to give evidence of what she claims.

PIG - a cheerful companion in society, often a little dissolved. He rarely speaks, but if he does it, he says it all at once, and nothing can stop her before she has exhausted the topic of conversation.

Like MONKEY, PIG is an intellectual. She has a great thirst for knowledge. Reads a lot, but indiscriminately. She has the appearance of a knowledgeable person, but in reality this is not quite the case. If you check her knowledge, you will notice that they are not as complete as they seem. She is a materialist. She is characterized by love for epicureanism, sensuality.

Under the complacent view PIG hides the will and even imperiousness. Whatever her ambition, set goals and goals, she does her duty with all the power she can. This inner strength is great, no one can resist it. If PIG made a decision, nothing will stop it. But before making a decision, she will weigh all the pros and cons for a long time, and it may appear that she hesitates and does not know what she wants. She knows this very well, but to avoid complications, she has to think so long that sometimes it hurts the cause.

PIG must avoid the snake, which surrounds her so that she can not move. GOAT will abuse her kindness.

The first phase of pig life will be relatively calm. During the second, all sorts of problems of married life may arise. But the modest and timid PIG never resort to outside help. She herself will look for a way out. No one guesses about her experiences. If she was born long before the holidays, she will avoid trouble, but the closer her date of birth is to the day of the holiday, the more chances she will have to be “eaten”.