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The line of Mind (head) begins between the thumb and forefinger, runs across the palm of the hand to the hill of Mars, not reaching the edge of the palm. Usually it starts at one point with the line of Life, so that the roots of these lines on most hands merge.
With the line of Mind, a judgment is made about the field of mental abilities, thinking, and functioning of the central nervous system.

To get a clear idea of ​​the mental abilities of a person, you need to match two hands. The left hand shows hereditary trends, and the right one marks the development of qualities and their improvement.

The beginning and length of the lines should be determined individually in each case, since this indicates the direction in which mental abilities are developed and develop.
If the line is short and turns down, this indicates a lack of ability to concentrate.

The Mind line, separated from the Life line and, as it were, sewn to it with small crosses, traditionally means either an eye disease or extreme recklessness in actions.

The coincidence or mismatch of the roots of the lines of Life and Mind is an important point - this serves as a measure of spiritual balance. People whose line of Mind begins below the beginning of the Line of Life are mostly unfounded, unbalanced, inconsistent, and self-willed. This is one of the most unfavorable signs in the palm of your hand, a sign that worsens all other favorable predictions. And the wider the gap between the beginnings of these lines, the worse all the predictions.

If the line of Mind begins above the line of Life, this means that a person has talent, unlimited ambition and clearly expressed aspirations. Such people are born leaders, with sharp, quick thinking, capable of perceiving new ideas that would take a lot of time from another type of people.

The thin line of Mind means weak memory.

If the line of Mind is absent, and the line of life is connected to the line of Senses (heart) - means that this person, no matter what he does, will not succeed, and will lose what he has.

The double line of the Mind means a hot person, and also that this person will receive an inheritance. The curved line of Mind means an evil person and an envious person.

The short and thick line of Uma ending under the hill of Saturn (fate) means that this person will fall into old age in childhood.

If the line of Mind begins under the hill of Saturn, then this indicates a clumsy mind and generally stupidity.

The bent line of the mind means cheerful character and good memory.

If the line of Mind is separated from the line of Life and at the same time is short and rests on the line of Saturn, then this person has great willpower. If the line of Mind crosses the line of Fate and goes lower, then wealth.

The cross at the end of the line of Mars (mind) means great luck in life or matrimony with a spiritual person.

The line of Life, connected with the line of Mars (mind), under the line of Saturn (fate), i.e. in the middle of the hand, means shortcomings in life or a very impudent person.

If the line of Mind is separated from the line of Life, this means that the person will survive the spouse.

An island on the Mind line means heart disease.

The line of Mars (mind) bifurcated and crashed into the hill of Mercury at one end means loss of state through the wife.

The line of Saturn (fate), which cut the line of Mars (mind) in the middle of the hand, shows that the spouses with this sign are very loyal to each other.