Uma Line (head) begins between the thumb and index finger across the palm goes to the hill of Mars, before reaching the edge of the palm. Usually it starts at one point with a line of life, so that the roots of these lines on most hands merge.
With Uma line related judgment on the field of intelligence, thinking, the functioning of the central nervous system.

To get a clear idea of ​​human intelligence, it is necessary to compare the two hands. The left hand shows hereditary tendencies and the right notes and the development of quality improvement.

The beginning and the length of lines should be determined individually in each case, t. To. It indicates the direction in which developed and developing mental faculties.
If the line is short and turns down, it shows a lack of ability to concentrate.

Uma line, separated from the Life line, as if hemmed her small crosses, is by tradition or eye disease, or extreme rashness in deeds.

Match or mismatch of the roots of life lines and Uma is an important point - this is a measure of spiritual balance. People who Uma line starts below the start line of life, for the most part unfounded, frivolous, inconsistent, self-willed. This is one of the most unfavorable features in the palm, sign, worsening all other favorable predictions. And the wider the gap between the beginning of these lines, the worse all the predictions.

If Uma line starts above the line of life, it means that the person has a talent, boundless ambition and distinct aspirations. Such people are born leaders, with a sharp, quick thinking, able to accept new ideas, which have a different type of people would have taken away a lot of time.

The thin line of Mind is poor memory.

If Uma line is absent, and the life of the line connected to the line feeling (heart) - means that the person is, whatever is involved, success would not have, and lose what he has.

A double line of Mind means a person hot, and also that the person will receive the inheritance. The curved line of the Mind is an evil man and jealous man.

Short and thick line of Mind, comes to an end under the hill of Saturn (destiny) means that the person in old age falls into childhood.

If Uma line begins under the hill of Saturn, it shows on the floppy mind and general stupidity.

The bent line of the mind is a cheerful character and a good memory.

If Uma line separated from the Life line and at the same time short and rests on the Saturn line, then the person has great willpower. If Uma line crosses the line of Fate and goes lower, and wealth.

Cross at the end of the line of Mars (the mind) is a great success in life or marriage is a spiritual person.

Life line connected with the line of Mars (the mind), under the line of Saturn (destiny), ie in the middle of the hand, it means disadvantages in life or a very daring person.

If Uma line is separated from the line of life - this means that the person will survive spouse.

The island is on the line Uma heart disease.

Mars Line (mind) and forked at one end crashed into the hill of Mercury means the loss of status through his wife.

Saturn line (fate), cut the line of Mars (the mind) in the middle of the hand shows that spouses having this sign very devoted to each other.