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The Zodiac Horoscope

Only a complete map of the starry sky at the time of your birth can give you a complete description of your character. On the other hand, do not believe the widespread statements that this is just a set of phrases that approach the explanation of the character of any person. This is completely wrong. The characters are described by competent professionals and are based on accurate mathematical calculations of the movement of the Sun and the planets. And they give a general description of the character. But since the location of all 8 planets at the time of your birth is unknown, there can be, of course, deviations in the description of your character. However, these descriptions may be of interest if you make a discount on some inaccuracies. The sign of the Zodiac, under which you were born, is the strongest of all the star bodies. He paints your personality so much that you can give a surprisingly accurate picture of the personality of the character.

Electromagnetic oscillations emanating from this sign of the Zodiac, continue to affect a person throughout his life. Analysis of characters. The zodiac gives a characteristic with an accuracy of 80 percent. In my opinion, this is better than not having any knowledge about the person you are interested in. Of course, the lack of 10-20 percent can be very important, but if you know the zodiac sign you need, you will be slightly better informed than those who do not know anything about it.

What is the sign of the Zodiac? This is part of the Zodiac on which the Sun was at the time of your birth. It is necessary to know that if you are born on the first or last day of the Zodiac period, then you need to know the exact time of your birth, the latitude and longitude of the place of birth, to judge whether the Sun has already passed to another part of the Zodiac.

Begin to study the signs of the Zodiac, but use them with caution, applying to people. At the same time, you will feel that your attitude toward them will completely change when you begin to understand their true nature, and people will start to wonder how well you know them. You have taken the path of a better understanding of people, is not it wonderful!