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IPhone Applications in .IPA

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ABC ABCDeyka HD - A colorful alphabet, an exciting mini-game and a karaoke song for children.

Красочная азбука, увлекательная мини-игра и песенка караоке для детей. For ipad
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Application Description:
* Category: Education * Released: July 30, 2011 * Version: 1.0 * Size: 35.6 MB * Languages: Russian, English * Developer: ARSIDIAN LLC * © Arsidian LLC * Rated 4+

“A colorful alphabet, an exciting mini-game and a karaoke song, developed by loving and caring parents, will not leave your child indifferent.
The application was created by professionals in the field of linguistics, versification, design and speaker skills. In addition, we attracted a professional recording studio - an announcer, singer and arranger.
A simple and intuitive interface allows your baby to use the program on their own. Each letter is accompanied by a bright, colorful picture and the corresponding rhyme. This allows the child to better understand the relationship between letters and words.
Sound accompaniment of each letter, picture and corresponding rhyme helps the child to correctly pronounce the letters and train the memory, remembering the rhymes.
The program "ABC" has bonuses in the form of mini-games "Learning letters" and karaoke songs, which will entertain the whole family.
Our application will help your child learn the Russian Alphabet easily and simply. ”

Army Knife Deluxe 9-in-1

Army Knife - это девять полезных инструментов в одной программе!

Army Knife - nine useful tools in one program!


ColorSlash 1.1

Этот удивительно мощный инструмент позволяет кому угодно превратить свои снимки в такие картины,

Here is the program update!
This amazingly powerful tool allows anyone to turn their shots into paintings for which Madison Avenue has long paid a lot of money to professional photographers and creative directors. By moving your finger across the iPhone screen, you can highlight the desired areas in black and white with color, thereby transforming something ordinary and uninteresting into something extraordinary and memorable.


iPhone PC Suite -

Вашему вниманию предлагается русская локализация уже известной программы iPhone PC Suite

Your attention is invited to the Russian localization of the already well-known iPhone PC Suite program, which has almost the same functions as iTunes.
Features of the program:
upload photos, music, ringtones, eBook, applications and other files
edit calendar, contacts, SMS, notes
save calls to file
set file attributes
organize SMS chat
edit safari browser bookmarks
use the phone as a flash drive
back up and restore
set topics
reboot phone


SoonR 0.1.1840

SoonR 0.1.1840

This is an application that allows you to control your computer with iPhone. One of the most promising features in the program is the remote search for Mac files and data using Spotlight.


SMSCron 0.4

Приложение, с помощью которго можно запланировать отправку SMS в определенное время и определённому получателю.

An application with which you can plan to send SMS at a specific time and to a specific recipient.


AutoWiFi 1.0.93

Авто подключение к Wi-fi точкам. Сохраняет пароли и логины

Auto connection to Wi-fi points. Saves passwords and logins.


iPhone Recorder - 1070

Это многофункциональный и хорошо нафаршированый диктофон, заточенный под iPhone

This is a multifunctional and well-stuffed voice recorder, sharpened for iPhone. It writes sound in mp3, mp4 or aac format, so you can create ringtones for your phone.


MooCowMusic: Band

Универсальная звуковая программа, которая предлагает большой диапазон звуковых инструментов высокого качества и эффектов

A versatile sound program that offers a wide range of high quality sound instruments and effects. The software package includes the following instruments: Drums, bass, guitar, scratch, samples, keyboards and much more



Программа предназначена для изменения вашего голоса доступны такие голоса

The program is designed to change your voice such voices are available: voice after helium from a balloon, an alien, a robot, a mouse, slow-motion, fast, demon, horn.


Shazam - 0.32

Замечательная программа уникальная в своём роде идентифицирует песню, по не большому отрывку

A wonderful program that is unique in its kind identifies a song by not a large passage. For example, listening to a song on the radio gives the apple tree a listen, after which it contacts its server and finds you the artist, name, and year of release of this composition.


Spb Wallet

Эта программа предназначена для хранения вашей личной информации и оформления её в удобном для вас виде

This program is designed to store your personal information and arrange it in a form convenient for you. Visually almost any information, plastic bank cards, passwords, email addresses, codes for friends' doors, etc. The program can be issued in the form of appropriate designs, 60 of which are already available in the program and over 7,000 jutes of you in the gallery of templates.


HDR Camera 1.0.0

Взгляните на скриншоты, чтобы увидеть разницу между обычной фотографии и фотографии с нашего HDR камера

Take a look at the screenshots to see the difference between regular photos and photos from our HDR camera. HDR (or High Dynamic Image Range) is a set of methods that allow a more dynamic range of luminances between the light and dark areas of the scene than conventional digital image processing methods. HDRI's intention is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to shade.


MagicPad 1.1

Меняйте шрифт, цвет и многое другое вместе с мощным текстовым редактором MagicPad

Change the font, color and much more with the powerful MagicPad text editor! Copy, cut and paste: easy and convenient movement of text within a note or a completely new note. Rich text editor: change text with six different fonts, five sizes, eight colors and four effects.


iBeer 3.01

iBeer - программа-шутка. Выбираете сорт пива, трясете его и на экране вашего iPhone появляется пиво с пеной.

iBeer is a joke program. Choose a beer, shake it and foam appears on the screen of your iPhone. Where you tilt your smartphone, beer will pour in that direction ... Different types of beer foam in different ways and have a different color shade.
Look do not choke on saliva while working with this program ... but I went for a beer Good luck!


Com center

Позволяет давать контактам в телефонной книге свои иконки на рабочем столе

Allows you to give contacts in the phone book their icons on the desktop! You can call, write SMS or e-mail to the right person with one click! in the form of an icon a contact photo or various symbols can appear!



Программа для обмена и синхронизации файлов между iphone и сайтами хранилищами.

A program for exchanging and synchronizing files between iphone and storage sites. By placing your files on storage servers, you can access the right documents at any time.


wi-fi video - Broadcast video on iPhone

wi-fi video - Трансляция видео на iPhone

This program can play video files without downloading them to iPhone. Your video can be located in any folder on your computer or iTunes playlist. True, unlike OrbLive, this video should be in the format supported by the iPhone, i.e. mp4, m4v or mov. To create a stream, you need to install a special server program on the computer.


KickScreen Movie Trailers 1.4.1

Эта программа может воспроизводить видео файлы без закачки их на iPhone.

This program can play video files without downloading them to iPhone. Your video can be located in any folder on your computer or iTunes playlist. True, unlike OrbLive, this video should be in the format supported by the iPhone, i.e. mp4, m4v or mov. To create a stream, you need to install a special server program on the computer.

The program makes it possible to watch new movie trailers on cinema screens and replicated on DVD. Information is constantly updated, new videos appear every day.


MobileStudio - 1.1.0

Файловый менеджер! С его помощью Вы можете обмениваться файлами с ПК непосредственно через браузер.

File manager! With it, you can exchange files from a PC directly through a browser. In addition, you can view your files from iPhone on any computer. With this program you can create, modify and organize your files in the same way as if you were doing it on a full-fledged computer.
Features of the program:
1. Intuitive file browser.
2. Compatible with Mac and PC.
3. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
4. Compatible with Windows XP and Vista.
5. Compatible with all kinds of Linux.
6. Standard file operations.
7. Create a text file and edit it.
8. View images.
9. Play music files.
As well as playing video files, viewing PDF, Web Browser, archiving files and MS Office and iWork documents.
10. packing and unpacking zip archives.


iGuitar Guitar

Участник Google Code Шинайя Касатани (Shinya Kasatani) разработал приложение PocketGuitar, превращающее iPhone или плеер iPod Touch в симулятор гитары.

Google Code member Shinya Kasatani has developed the PocketGuitar app that turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a guitar simulator.



Красивая и уобная программа, предназначенная для записи и контроля роста и здоровья Вашего малыша.

A beautiful and convenient program designed to record and control the growth and health of your baby.


iAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day iAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day

Британские разработчики sendmetospace представили приложение iAPODViewer для iPhone и iPod touch.

British sendmetospace developers unveiled iAPODViewer for iPhone and iPod touch. It facilitates access to the Astronomy Picture of the Day NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) resource, which hosts photographs of all kinds of astronomical phenomena taken both from Earth and from space. The viewer has an interface adapted for the screen and touch control of the iPhone. It is possible to rotate images and view them in full size with magnification and scrolling. There is a search function by keywords and the ability to save your favorite pictures that are placed in the iPhone directory according to the upload date. All images have explanatory astronomical descriptions.


App sniper

Как много денег вы тратите на приложения для своего айфона?

How much money do you spend on apps for your iPhone? One dollar for one cool toy, two for another, and then by chance I found an incredibly necessary program for ten ... And so application after application, money from the card flies away, and at the end of the month you look at the account statement and think: how could spend so much money on such stupid things? I know people who spend more than a thousand rubles a month only on iPhone apps. But you must admit, it’s really very difficult to refrain from acquiring them <img src = "/ img / skin / smiles / smile.png" alt = ":)"> So, if you are seriously concerned about how much money you spend on programs and want to spend less, then this program will be very useful for you.


Maths tool

программа для математиков.

program for mathematicians. It will help you solve many equations and more. All in one program: Geometry, Algebra, Boolean Algebra, Differentiation, Integration, Vectors, Trigonometric, Hyperbolic functions, Fourier Series, Common Cosines and Sines Chart.


Photo sync

Позволяет Вам загружать фотографии c iPhone на компьютер используя web-браузер и wifi.

Allows you to upload photos from iPhone to computer using a web browser and wifi. No cable is required. Just open any web browser on your Mac or PC and enter the address (URL) shown on the iPhone screen. [For example,]. Then upload your photos from the iPhone. Any of the photos can be saved to a computer.


WorldSub Moscow

Отличное приложение для Вашего iPhone и iPodTouch.

A great app for your iPhone and iPodTouch. Full information about the Moscow metro is always with you. Planning a route is now easy! Having set the parameters of the landing station and destination, you will instantly receive a detailed route indicating all the transfer stations and the total trip time.


iBlueAngel - Magic Web Browser

Замена стандартному интернет-браузеру. Из всех тех приложений для серфинга, которые мы имели возможность рассмотреть программа Magic Web Browser может составить конкуренцию Safari.

Replacing a standard Internet browser. Of all the surfing applications that we had the opportunity to consider, Magic Web Browser could compete with Safari. This application contains features that we have not previously seen in the iPhone. This app is a must have on every iPhone and iPod Touch.


iPhone Ring Tone Maker

PhoneRingToneMaker - программа позволяющая создавать рингтоны для вашего iPhone из: mp3, wav, ogg и других музыкальных файлов

PhoneRingToneMaker is a program that allows you to create ringtones for your iPhone from: mp3, wav, ogg and other music files in your collection. The program has a built-in sound editor that can easily help you cut out a specific section of the composition and apply sound effects to it, making the sound louder and richer and later transfer it to you on the iPhone.


SpaceTime - 3.0.10

Мощная утилита для математиков, которая может строить почти любые графики.

A powerful utility for mathematicians that can build almost any kind of graph.


Easy E-mail - 3.0

Программа для написании эл.писем в ландскейп режиме

Program for writing email in landscape mode.
-change font style, size and color.
-Save your letter in draft copies and send it later.
-You can add some special characters that are not available in the standard keyboard by default.
English language


VF Caller (T9 Dialer)

VFCaller позволяет искать контакты в адресной книге очень быстрым способом, очень похожие на T9

VFCaller allows you to search for contacts in your address book in a very quick way, very similar to T9!
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish


Todo 1.4.3

Это простой менеджер задач для iphone и iPod touch.

This is a simple task manager for iphone and iPod touch. The application supports synchronization with a computer, as well as via the Internet.


Remind Me 1.3

Это программа, отображающая последние задачи, введенные вами в ваш iphone

This is a program that displays the latest tasks that you entered on your iphone on the iphone and ipod Touch screensaver that appears when you lock.


MobileFiles Pro 1.0.1

Это новая версия лучшего в своем классе файл менеджера и просмотрщика для iphone.

This is the new version of best-in-class file manager and viewer for iphone.


iBear Money 2.1.1

Это простой, но одновременно удобный финансовый планировщик для iphone.

This is a simple but convenient financial planner for iphone. The program makes it easy to take into account your expenses and income.


SlovoEd 2.0.1 [EN-RU | RU-EN]

Это прекрасный карманный словарь для iphone и ipod Touch.

This is a great pocket dictionary for iphone and ipod touch. The dictionary contains more than 108 thousand words, not only of the book style, but also with inclusion.


Agile Lie Detector 1.0

Детектор лжи.



CameraBag 1.4.1

Это улучшенный вариант камеры для iPhone.

This is an improved version of the camera for the iPhone. More than 10 new effects are available in it and the quality is greatly improved.


Music Visualizer 1.0

This is a program that allows you to arrange real light music on the screen of your iPod Touch and iPhone.


VKontakte 0.9

При помощи данной программы Вы можете быть В Контакте.ru прямо с iPhone

With this program you can be in VKontakte directly from iPhone


SwirlyMMS 1.2.8

Wonderful multifunctional program for sending MMC


Sonic Vox 1.1

Она изменяет голос в режиме реального времени никакой записи на диктофон говорим и сразу слышим.

She changes her voice in real time no recording on the voice recorder we speak and immediately hear. Several modes - from the voice of Darth Vader to the comic voice of the robot. By horizontal movements of the finger across the screen we change the timbre, vertical - echo.


Fake Calls 1.1 [Cracked]

Программа, которая инициирует звонок от любого человека.

A program that initiates a call from any person.


Google Earth 1.0.0

Новое интересное приложение Google Earth 1.0 IPA.

New interesting application Google Earth 1.0 IPA. You can use Google maps to view cities and countries from different angles!


Twittelator Pro 1.6.2

Наилучший twitter-клиент для iPhone

Best twitter client for iPhone


Internet RadioBOX 1.3.0

Эта программа,является не что инным как интернет радио.

This program is nothing more than an Internet radio. Many different radio stations of about 3,000 thousand, support for EDGE, 3G, WiFi connections. Also, the program can calculate the traffic spent.


Face Melter 2.71

Отличный редактор изображений и фотографии из фотоальбома iPhone.

An excellent editor of images and photos from the photo album iPhone.


Collage 1.2

Создавайте коллаж из фотографий прямо на iPhone.

Create a collage of photos right on your iPhone.


WritePad Notes 1.6

Органайзер дел.

Organizer of affairs. You can view and edit your affairs in tablet and portrait modes.


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