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Phones Emergency Kiev - short kievcky phone directory

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New Emergency numbers

101 → Pozhezhna receptionists / Fire

102 → Mіlіtsіya / Police

103 → Shvydko Relief / Ambulance

104 → Avarіyna "Kiїvgaz" / emergency service "Kievgas"

109 → Dovіdkova s nadannya nomerіv Service / Helpdesk to provide rooms

121 → Service precise hour / Exact time service

122 → Forecast Weather / Weather Forecast

126 → Spetsposti mіlіtsії / Spetsposty police

127 → podatkovih admіnіstratsіya / Tax Administration

128 → Chergova dispetcherska service of the KSCA / duty dispatching service of Emergency Situations of the Kiev hills. admin.

170 → Іnformatsіyno-dovіdkova Service / Information service

171 → Priymannya zamovlen on Rozmova s settlements of Ukraine / Receiving orders for negotiations with the settlements of Ukraine

172 → Zamovlennya ROZMA s population pukto Ukraine / Order Orders conversations with settlements in Ukraine

173 → Dovіdkova Service kodіv automaticity mіzhnarodnogo zvyazku / Helpdesk codes automatic international communication

174 → Priymannya zamovlen on Rozmova s Gothel / Call for calls from hotels

175 → delivery service why / mail delivery service

176 → Dovіdka about Hotel mіstsevoї telefonnoї MEREZHI / FAQ about the services of urban telephone network

178 → Avtovіdpovіdach vuzlu special services / IVR node secret services

1503 → Dovіdkova shvidkoї medichnoї Relief Service / Helpdesk ambulance

→ Office 1504 Repair Center telekomunіkatsіynih poslug №1 / automated repair bureau №1 of Telecommunications

→ Office 1508 Repair Center telekomunіkatsіynih poslug №2 / automated repair bureau №2 of Telecommunications

1509 → Service Dovіdkova about number telefonіv mіstsevoї MEREZHI for nepovnimi danimi / Helpdesk phone numbers of city networks on incomplete data

1551 → Dovіdkovo-іnformatsіyna Service Kiїvskoї mіskoї Vladi / Reference and information service of the Kiev city government

1553 → Dovіdkova Service / taxi service and a pizza delivery

1555 → Nadannya medichnoї Relief "Medіkom" / Provision of medical care "Medic"

1556 → Dovіdkova service that zamovlennya kvitkіv / Helpdesk and booking

1557 → Service of companies Avarіyna s ekspluatatsії vodoprovіdnih, kanalіzatsіynih that elektrichnih trammel / Emergency service companies operating water supply, sewerage and electrical networks

1558 → Service Automation is the zv'yazku, zamovlennya taksі / service automation and communications, taxi

1559 → Dovіdkovo-іnformatsіyna service on іnozemnih movah / Reference and information service in foreign languages

1561 → Dovіdkova Service / Helpdesk

1562 → Dovіdka schodo sale Car / FAQ about car sales

1563 → Pobutovі fіrmi Hotel "Svitanok" / Domestic services firms "Svitanok"

1564 → Repair taksofonіv Office / Office repair payphones

1566 → Service Priya telegrams from credit Reception telegrams on credit

1567 → Mіska Pharmacy dovіdkova service (about nayavnіst lіkіv in pharmacies) FAQ availability of medicines in drugstores

→ Office 1575 Repair Office repair radіotrіotranslyatsіynoї MEREZHI broadcasting network

1577 → Service Agency Dovіdkova neruhomostі Helpdesk real estate agency

1580 → Medichnі Hotel Medical Services

1581 → Service Avarіyna tap trammel emergency service water supply systems

1583 → Dovіdkovo іnformatsіyna-Service "Health Protection" directory assistance service "Health"

1585 → Hotel avіaperevezen (incl zamovlennya avіakvitkіv) air services (incl order tickets)

1586 → Avarіyna lіftіv Service Emergency service elevators

1588 → Avarіyna elektromerezh Service Emergency service grids

1589 → Service organіzatsії Ruhu, avarіyna Service Customer traffic management, emergency service

083 → Konsultatiyno-іnformatsіonna "Health Protection Service" / the Consultative advice and information "health service"

Other useful phone numbers

Emergency service "Kievgas" 2650440
Help accidents (emergency medical service. Help) 003
Single number for emergencies and accidents 057
Operational control of the main duty of emergencies 4305010
Operational duty rescue service "SOS" 2207013

Emergency 2207013 2207124
Emergency service water street networks 081
Emergency service Electric 089
Emergency opening the lock (apartment, office, safety deposit box) 5730303 (067) 5003040
Train-service 2910411
Service routes 5522117
Kyivenergo 088 2242087 5527237
Vodokanal 2901592
Sewage Service of street networks 2900057 2900082
Boilers and heating mains 2681773
Heat backbone network 2241086

Emergency service "KievLift" 086
OTIS - repair of elevators (left bank) 5173981
OTIS - repair of elevators (right bank) 2351264
Repair phone (after the beep faulty phone call N) 004
Repairing TV equipment 087
Transportation damaged cars 5580663

Information service on telephone numbers CTA 09
Paid Referral Service TCA (for complete data) 009
Phone Service 009
"KievGorSpravka" (information sheet) 061
Inquiries about the availability and price of drugs and medical products 4613543
Reference pharmacy service of medical preparations 067

"Time" - time service 060
Hydrometeocentre 001
Receiving telegrams 066
Service of urban connection 071
The Office for Consumer Protection 4172309
Center for Independent Consumer Expertise 2200417
Environmental Control in Kyiv 4178120
Eco-reference service of the environment 2283101

Ambulance 103
Help the ambulance on hospitalized 003
Free Shipping medikamenov 4555487 4567844
Medical center "Dobrobut" 4515060
"Health" (doctor's advice over the phone) 083
"Boris" 2130303
"Medic" 055 2340303
"Medea" 2686000
Center of Eye Microsurgery (department for adults) 4082988
Center of Eye Microsurgery (detsoke Office) 4083873
Center emergency pulmonology 2776448 2775777
Center for Maternal and Child (Okhmatdet) 2121591 2120234
Neurosurgical Children's Center 2137592 2117728
Emergency drug abuse treatment at home 2658227
"Life choice" Drug Service trust "Sociotherapy" 2658227
Crisis substance abuse department 4173322 4173694
"Psychiatric Health Center" inter-district department 4426360
Emergency psychological help 2949300
Anonymous counseling Psychologist 2644055
Helpline "Love Line" 4114486
"We are with you" - the center of mutual aid of people living with HIV 2287385
Kiev city sanitary-epidemiological station 2244111
Ukrainian Center for Disease Control 4164354
Certificates of accidents (traffic police Interior Ministry Kiev) 2284522
Information on accidents 2131023
Information about accidents on the water PLESO 5176411
Rescue diving service of the Kiev region. 4168121
Veterinary Hospital 2897744 2788803
Emergency veterinary care 2720123
Service Animal Rabies 2437246

Lost and Found Research Affairs 2297844
Lost in the metro 2263809
Information about forgotten things in trams, trolleybuses 089 291031 2910406
KievAvtoTrans 2634250
Management Kiev subway 2289021 2270719
"KievElektroTrans" 4163333

Central Bus Station 5279986
Bus station "Darnitsa" 5594618
Bus "Dacha" 4441503
Bus "hem" 4173215
Bus "Polesie" 4303554
Bus Station "South" 2634004

"Autolux" 4430623
"Sheriff Tour" 2509330/51
"Gunsel" 2580438/39
"Nova Posta" 3230222

Reference Service flight times 056
Air fare
Ordering and delivery of tickets 2956701
The search for lost luggage 2967498 2697539
Information on international flights "Kyi Avia" 2253217
"Aero Svit" 2300068 5375600
"UIA" 5815050
Airport Kiev - Borispol 4904777
Airport Kiev - Zhulhany 2422308

Reference Station 005
Ordering and delivery of railway tickets 050
Service Center of passengers in railway transport 2967498 2697539
Reservation of railway tickets 4651917
Riverport 4251268

Information about products, services and prices 053
Information on addresses, products and services 059

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