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In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "About copyrights and sudizhny rights" (Vidomosti Verkhnoi Radi (VVR), 1994, N 13, st.64) copying, saving on a hard disk or having a good way to save creativity, roving to apply for, use your own, use your own name, draw your own, use your own name, draw your word, use your own name, or use your own copy of your account. Biblioteka podreddzhaє, scho kopіyuchi abo zberіgayuchi їх, We take it on yourself usyu vіdpov_dalnіst, vіdpovіdno to the dіyuchy international і national legislation. All copyrights are right to use the file for the right-graders.

Be-come kommerіnі nd іnshe vikristannya krіm in front of the knowledge is inhibited. Chitach nese povnu vіdpov_dalnist for copyright infringement. A reader is not entitled to the rights of copying, to broaden the literary work in this world.

Publіkatsіya tvorіv not peresіlіduє nіyakoi komertsіynoi igigi. Bibliology dіє vinyatkovo with a method of nadnnya literary creatures for mastering, spiritual development of readers, and taktostopka_knig.jpgzh with a method of advertising by avivі і іхніх dobutkіv. All copyrights are right for a right-grader.

The law of Ukraine on copyright law and total rights:

Article 21. Vіlne Vikoristannya tzor z zamenchennyam name of the author.
Without the author's zgodi (chi Іnshoi individuals, like the author), we will link the names of the author and the names of the author to:
10) Into the creation of works in the minds of the minds, which were passed on to the Law of Articles 22-25.
Article 22. Vіlne vіdtvorennya by bіblіtekami that arch_vami primirnikіv to the creator in a reprographic way.
Allowed without the author’s autonomy aboved by the individual, like the author, reprographing one of the creatures to the library and archivists, the following are not directly hidden, but directed to such gains, for such minds:
a) biblical and archaic abilities available in a respectful way, just like a vicarious one, learn how to learn and share in private.