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2 Samuel 15

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1 After this Absalom brought in chariots and horses and fifty walkers.
2 And Absalom got up early in the morning, and stood at the road at the gate, and when someone, having a lawsuit, went to the king for trial, Absalom called him to himself and asked: what city are you from? And when he answered: from such a tribe of Israel is your servant,
3 Then Absalom told him: “Behold, your work is good and just, but the king has no one to listen to you.”
4 And Absalom said: Oh, if I had been made a judge in this land! anyone who has a dispute and litigation would come to me, and I would judge him in truth.
5 And when someone came to bow to him, he extended his hand and embraced him and kissed him.
6 Absalom did this with every Israelite who came to the king for judgment, and Absalom crept into the heart of Israel.

7 After forty years [the reign of David], Absalom said to the king: I will go and fulfill my vow that I made to the Lord in Hebron;
eight for I, thy servant, living in Gessur in Syria, have made a vow: if the Lord returns me to Jerusalem, then I will sacrifice to the Lord.
nine And the king said to him: Go in peace. And he got up and went to Hebron.
ten And Absalom sent scouts to all the tribes of Israel, saying: when you hear the sound of the trumpet, you say: Absalom reigned in Hebron.
eleven With Absalom they went from Jerusalem two hundred people who were invited by him, and went according to their simplicity, not knowing what was the matter.
12 During the sacrifice, Absalom sent and called on Ahitophel the Gilonian, counselor of David, from his city of Gilo. And a strong conspiracy was made, and the people flocked and multiplied near Absalom.

13 And the messenger came to David and said: the heart of the Israelites deviated to the side of Absalom.
fourteen And David said to all his servants who were with him in Jerusalem: Rise, run away, for we shall not be saved from Absalom; Hurry, so that we can leave, so that he doesn’t catch and seize us, and does not cause disaster on us and does not destroy the city with a sword.
fifteen And the king's servants said to the king: in all that is pleasing to our lord the king, we are your servants.
16 And the king and his whole house went out on foot behind him. The king left ten wives, concubines [of his own], to keep at home.
17 And the king and all the people went on foot, and stopped at Beth-Merhat.
18 And all his servants walked along his sides, and all the Helephaeans, and all the Haphazites, and all the Gethites, up to six hundred people who came with him from Geth, went ahead of the king.
19 And the king said to Ephtheus the Hephite, Why are you coming with us? Come back and stay with that king; for you are a stranger and come here from your place;
20 Yesterday you came, and today I will make you come with us? I am going where will happen; return and bring back your brothers with you; mercy and truth [with you]!
21 And Ephtheus answered the king, and said, Lord lives, and my lord the king lives: wherever my lord the king, whether in life or in death, there will be your servant.
22 And David said unto Ephtheus, So go and go with me. And Ephtheus the Gethite went, and all his people, and all the children that were with him.
23 And the whole earth cried in a loud voice. And all the people crossed, and the king crossed the stream of Kedron; and all the people went along the road to the wilderness.

24 So Zadok, and all the Levites with him, carried the ark of the covenant of God from Bethara and set up the ark of God; Aviathar stood on a raised platform until all the people left the city.
25 And the king said to Zadok: return the ark of God to the city. If I find mercy in the eyes of the Lord, He will bring me back and let me see him and his dwelling.
26 And if He says so: “My favor is not with you”, then here I am; let him do what is pleasing to me.
27 And the king said to Zadok the priest: you see, return to the city in peace, and Ahimaas your son, and Jonathan the son of Abiathar, both your sons are with you;
28 You see, I will linger on the plain in the wilderness until the news comes from you to me.
29th And Zadok and Abiathar returned the ark of God to Jerusalem, and remained there.
thirty And David went to the Mount of Olives, walked and wept; his head was covered; he walked barefoot, and all the people who were with him covered each his head, walked and cried.

31 They reported to David and said: And Ahitophel was among the conspirators with Absalom. And David said: Lord! break Ahitofel’s advice.
32 When David ascended to the top of the mountain where he worshiped God, Husius the Architechtan, friend of David, came towards him; his clothes were torn, and dust on his head.
33 And David said to him: if you go with me, you will be a burden to me;
34 but if you return to the city and say to Absalom: `` king, I am your servant; hitherto I was a slave to your father, and now I am your slave ': you will upset the advice of Ahitophel for me.
35 Here, there are Zadok and Abiathar the priests with you, and every word that you hear from the king’s house, retell Zadok and Abiathar to the priests.
36 There with them are their two sons, Ahimaas the son of Zadok, and Jonathan the son of Abiathar; through them send to me all the news that you hear.
37 And Husius, a friend of David, came into the city; Absalom then entered Jerusalem.

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