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XoroX Team Online Tool (decoding 3G modems)

With the help of this program - a client working through a server in OnLine mode, you can:
Unlock (decode, untie from the operator, unlock) modems and phones of the following models:

ZTE MF100 Kyivstar Ukraine all versions inclusive BD_UAKVSP671A1V1.0.0B02
Beeline Russia, ArmenTel CJSC (Beeline) Armenia (In the XoroX Toll program menu, select MF100 KS)
ZTE MF 100 (MTC) , ZTE MF 330, ZTE MF 332, ZTE MF 335, ZTE MF 616, ZTE MF 620,
ZTE MF 622, ZTE MF 622+, ZTE MF 626, ZTE MF 627, ZTE MF 627+, ZTE MF 628
ZTE MF 630, ZTE MF 630+, ZTE MF 633, ZTE MF 633+, ZTE MF 633bp, ZTE MF 635,
ZTE MF 636, ZTE MF 637, ZTE MF 637U
Huawei: E1550 from Kyivstar (Ukraine) MTC (Rus), Life (Belorussia)
(the list of supported models is constantly updated)

Using our service for calculating NCK and Flash codes for 3G Modems (costing $ 5), you can independently decode the following Modems and phones (if the Modem asks for NCK CODE with a "foreign" SIM card):

Huawei: E1550 (except Kyivstar Ukraine) , E155, E156, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169, E169G, E170, E172,
E176, E180, E182E, E196, E220, E226,
E270, E271, E272, E510, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630 +, E660, E660A, E800, E870, E880, E162, E162G, EG602,
Vodafone: K2540, K3515, K3520, K3560.
AMOI phones Orange Orange, Orange New York, Orange Vegas.
Phones: T-Mobile Vairy Touch, Vodafone Indie, ZTE X760, ZTE X761, ZTE X960. (the list of supported models is constantly updated)

Short description:
The program works in Direct Unlock mode, that is, completely automatically.
Simply put: it reads the NCK code and enters it itself even after exhausted attempts to enter the NCK code.

Decoding cost of ALL models = 5 credits (except ZTE MF100 = 10 credits).

See instructions for working with the program >>>

Cost of loans:
5 credits = $ 7
10 credits = $ 10
50 credits = 47 $
100 credits = $ 88
500 credits = $ 350
For more than 500 credits, ask in ICQ: 321127861 or E-Mail:

How to pay loans:

How to order loans:
LOGIN -> Order Logs, Credits, Activations by selecting the appropriate option in the drop-down list of the order:

Current version:
XoroX Team Online Tool v1.0.rar download >>>