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Grounding v 3.2

The program was created with the participation of grounding specialists (

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The calculation can be used in practice only after confirmation by enterprises licensed to design grounding.
1. Calculation of the grounding device. The calculation of grounding is reduced to determining the length of the horizontal ground electrode (strapping) and the number of vertical ground electrodes (rods) under given conditions. 2. Calculation of a single grounding conductor. 3. Evaluation of the possibility of using reinforced concrete foundations of industrial buildings as grounding conductors. 4. The choice of the cross sections of the main grounding bus, the main protective PE conductor, the grounding conductors and the main conductors of the potential equalization system at the entrance to the building, depending on the section of the PEN conductor of the supply network and the calculation of the cross-sectional area of ​​the protective conductor. 5. The calculation of the step voltage. 6.Calculation of touch voltage. 7.Calculation of soil. 8.Printing a report. 9. Report to the file.
Tested on Win 9x, Win XP No installation required. To run the program in Win 9x, you need a library for programs written in VB. Check if you have the C: \ Windows \ System \ msvbvm60.dll file installed. If you don’t have it, you can get it here. The msvbvm60.dll file is installed either in C: \ Windows \ System or in the program directory.
Detailed help and job description in zz.exe

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Win98 requires the VB msvbvm60.dll library is a thematic site dedicated to the calculation and construction of grounding in any type of soil. The products are presented in ready-made kits containing all the necessary details for simple and quick installation of grounding conductors in the ground.