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Check IMEI phone code

The database of these mobile phone numbers of the Derzhne pіdpriєmstvo Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies

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check IMEI

What is IMEI?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​- a number consisting of 15 digits , is a unique number of each GSM standard mobile phone. It is installed at the factory during manufacturing and serves for accurate and complete identification of the device in the GSM network.

  1. Pereriyayutsya lishe phone and radio plots * , they can be handled by the operator's telephony link in Ukraine.
  2. To assign the IMEI code recorded at the phone number, dial the combination * # 06 #. Mittovo on ekrani vi poachite IMEI code tsogo telephone.
  3. Tsifri kod_v IMEI deyaky models of telephones in rozdlen_ on groups with service symbols-. /
  4. Incendance ua-ucrf krishkoy phone is not a guarantor on the phone above the imea atendo .
  5. Yak is an alternative to transferring the IMEI code to the site of this site, you can read the transfer through with the use of the SMS message on the short number "307".
    Vartіst vіdpravki SMS povdomlennya - for the tariffs of the operator in the most important SMS povodomlennya.
  6. Be respectful when entering numbers to the code!

* Radіoelektronnі zasobi scho mіstyat in svoєmu skladі the GSM-modulі s IMEI code (in addition chislі pay for repairs mobіlnih telefonіv, 3G-modems in laptops, USB-modem, avtomobіlnі signalіzatsії of GSM-module, receptionists-pozhezhnі signalіzatsії, toscho).


In the morning you will be able to do it in the first place. yakі are imported to Ukraine, create a register of codes ІМІІ (international identifier of mobile ownership) in the United States database of codes of ІМІІ termіnalіv (dalі - DB ІMEІ) , you will receive an invitation, and you will be offered an MEII termіnalіv (dalі - DB ІMEІI) , you will receive an invitation, and you will be offered an MEІ termіnalіv (dalі - DB ІMEІI) , you will receive an invitation, and you will be offered an МЕMEІ termіnalіv (dalі - dB ІMEІ) , you will be presented with an address that ”( dalі - UDCR ).

Decision 1.7. “The order of the real estate” in Ukraine;

Recommended! Hour on the day of the day you can learn how to do it on the site . 307 ”from any mobile operator of Ukraine. Enter the code in the database ІМЕІ to talk about the amount of money that was answered by the phone in Ukraine and the telephone number of the operator of the mobile phone number in Ukraine.

The procedure was introduced by IMEI codes to the IMEI database, and it was imported to the country and the rest of the international mailing services for the cordon in Ukraine, which appeared in the application format to the IMEI codes, and the IMEI will be applied to the application and we will apply for the IMEI to the IMEI code from the IMEI, and we will apply the application form to the IMEI database .

You can find out about “Nutrition and Vidovіdі” You can get acquainted with nutrition, so that you can find a lot of pleasure from the hulkatyan during the registration code ІМЕІ.

Familiarize yourself with your needs. See your ad hoc in the summer . .

No. 3 of the Law of Ukraine "About the Law of Ukraine" Not more than two times in a public post in the official newsletter of the NKRZI.

W we will register the Electronic Viglyadі can be found here .

Poshuk certifikat v_dpov_dnostі can be found here .

For details on the information entered by the codes of IMEІ to the Russian database, you can follow the phone to the information center of the UDCR (044) 422-85-85