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Database of stolen mobile phones (State Power Center Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies)

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What is IMEI?

Check IMEI

International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) - a number consisting of 15 digits , is a unique number for each mobile phone standard GSM. It is installed at the factory during manufacture and serves for accurate and complete identification of the device in the GSM network.

  1. Only phones and electronic equipment * are checked, which can be serviced in the networks of mobile communication operators in Ukraine.
  2. To determine the code recorded in the phone memory, dial the combination * # 06 # . Instantly on the screen you will see the IMEI code of this phone.
  3. The numbers of IMEI codes of some phone models are divided into groups by service symbols - & nbsp ;. & Nbsp; # & nbsp; / (for example, XXXXXXX / XX / XXXXXXX / X, or XXXXXXX-XX-XXXXXXX-XX), which, when checking (in the general database of IMEI codes using SMS messages or in the box on this site below), is optional.
  4. Mark availability ua-ucrf under the cover of the phone is not a guarantee of certification of the phone or the introduction of its IMEI code in the general base of IMEI codes, but only indicates that the phones of this model are adapted (prepared) by the manufacturer for delivery to Ukraine.
  5. Be careful when entering the code numbers!

* Radio-electronic equipment containing GSM-modules with IMEI codes (including boards for repairing mobile phones, 3G-modems in laptops, USB-modems, car alarms with GSM-modules, fire and security alarms, etc.) .


More than once “Provision on the provision of permits for importation due to the cordon to Ukraine of radio and electronic services” (we confirmed the resolution of the NKRZ dated 05.02.09 No. 1338, for more details ) You can import to Ukraine, register the code of IMEI (international identifier of mobile ownership) in the base database of the IMEI terminology (hereinafter - State database) that ”( dalі - UDCR ).

Згідно p. 1.7. “The Order of Realization in Ukraine of Radio and Electronics Connections and Vibro-Industrial Attachments” (approved by the NKRZ dated 05.02.2009 p. No. 1339);

Recommended! For half an hour buying and receiving phone numbers, retype the number of IMEI codes in the IMEI database for the website of the UDCR at the redistribution of " IMEI code" or for sending an SMS to your phone number in the short form of code 307 ”from be-yak mobile operator of Ukraine. Visibility code in the IMEI database to learn about summing up a phone number in Ukraine and about a mobile phone number for servicing a phone while using a mobile phone number for Ukraine.

With the order of entering IMEI codes to the IMEI database, some bullets have been imported separately, but have been removed in the international postal directions from outside the cordon to Ukraine, and in the established form, declare about entering before the IMEI code, please declare the following.

At the Food and Vіdpovіdі rozdіli you can learn more about nutrition, more often you can get lost at the populace during the restoration of the IMEI code.

Be aware of the “Transition of radio and electronic interests and industrial annexes, for the importation of some, including traveling at international postal destinations, international expressions, and other holidays.” .

Section 3, Clause 25, Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine “On Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine” Register of radio and electronic communications, which can be locked in Ukraine in the area of ​​radio frequency of the western corridor, not earlier than two times a week in the official list of the NKRZI.

We can set the Register for the electronic viewer here .

The certificate of certification is available here .

Detailed information on entering IMEI codes into a common database can be found by calling the UCRF info center (044) 422-85-85