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Idea Bank

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Idea Bank won in many nominations: The most effective investment in Ukraine in 2012, the best in servicing specialized auto loans programs. “The Bank Trusted - 2013” ​​according to the version of the magazine “Banker”, “The Bank is the leader in the implementation of Internet banking”.

Idea Bank has replaced PJSC Plus Bank, which has been operating in the Ukrainian market for 25 years. It is a member of one of the largest financial groups in Eastern and Central Europe - Getin Holding SA, the Republic of Poland.

The main shareholder of PJSC "Idea Bank" is Getin Holding SA (Poland) - a financial group that is developing dynamically.

Getin Holding SA invests in companies with high growth potential operating in the financial services sector for private clients and small businesses.

Apart from Getin Noble Bank, Getin Holding SA includes other financial services companies: Open Finance, Noble Funds TFI, Noble Securities, Idea Bank, PDK, TU EUROPA, MW Trade.

Getin Holding SA also operates in markets outside of Poland.

Requirements for borrowers:

  • age 21-75 years
  • Employment - official and unofficial (must work)
  • income from 2000 UAH

The target audience:

  • age 25-45
  • half m \ f
  • income of 2500-3000 UAH
  • cities of residence with a population of> 750 thousand


  • Low interest rate and commission;
  • A preliminary decision on the loan is provided for 1 minute;
  • A high percentage of positive decisions on loan applications;
  • The possibility of using credit funds for any current needs;
  • Loan payment annuity payments;
  • Loan service without reference to a Bank branch. The client can, in any branch, pay off the loan debt;
  • Loyalty program for customers who do not allow delays in repayment of credit debt: the ability to receive additional funds on favorable terms;
  • The possibility of early repayment of the loan;