Mobile applications that will simplify your life

Приложения для упрощения жизни

Mobile application (English «Mobile app») - software designed to work on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Many mobile applications are preinstalled on the device itself or can be downloaded to it from online application stores such as the App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Play, 1mobile market, windows phone store, - and others, for free or for a fee.

Initially, mobile applications were used to quickly check e-mail, but their high demand led to the expansion of their assignments in other areas, such as games for mobile phones and GPS, communication, video viewing and Internet use. The market of mobile applications is very developed today and is growing steadily. This term became very popular, and in 2010 was added to the "Words of the Year" list of the American Dialectical Society.

We do not imagine today's life without smartphones. And no wonder: they can download so many useful applications that will entertain us, and help you connect with friends and colleagues. Today we in tell about some of these programs.


ProShot - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android

This application is ideal for photographers who want to improve their skills. You have access to advanced functions that help you work with focus and lighting during shooting. You can make adjustments in real time, zoom in, move your finger, and ultimately improve the quality of the editable photos.

ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries

Словари ABBYY Lingvo - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android

Without being tied to the Internet, ABBYY Lingvo will help with travel, work or study, allowing you to get a reliable translation or an exhaustive interpretation at any time. Options for entering words can be different: translation of words using a smartphone's video camera in one-touch, translation of words from a photo or screenshot, and also traditional method of entering a word using the keyboard. For free download, 11 dictionaries for 7 languages ​​are available from the application.


Words - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android

This application is designed to learn English words, and you can do it in offline mode. From 26 thematic blocks you can choose exactly those topics that are interesting and relevant for you now. Also the Words dictionary contains a complete list of incorrect and phrasal verbs. And if you have difficulty remembering a word, then it will show up with the help of the test, and the program will offer you tasks for better memorization.


Goodlook - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android

GoodLook is a mobile style guide, which gives recommendations about choosing clothes and combining things. Every day professional stylists of Russia and the USA offer a set of female and male fashion images.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android | Windows Phone

With this application the phone turns into a remote control computer. This is especially useful when you need to make a presentation or watch a movie, and the mouse or keyboard is discharged.


AppDetox - Приложения для упрощения жизни


This application "treats" dependence on smartphones. It blocks selected programs for a certain time. Thus, you can focus on the business without being distracted by the phone.


Moovit - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android | Windows Phone

To date, Moovit is one of the best transport applications in the world - it is trusted by more than 30 million users in more than 800 cities. The program provides the most reliable and accurate information about the work of public transport, adding to its base around the city every 24 hours. Since public transport is always unpredictable, Moovit constantly updates the timetable or changes in the work of transport.


Marvin - Приложения для упрощения жизни


This handy reader is interesting because besides the fact that you can choose the background color, font, there is a function of intellectual processing of books - this allows you to learn more about the author, heroes, the history of the creation of the book. In a separate window the contents of the book, bookmarks, allotments and the dictionary are rendered. Books can be sorted by title, author, series and serial number of the book in the series, by the date of addition of the book and by the time of the last opening.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader - Приложения для упрощения жизни


As for the Android readers, one of the most convenient is Cool Reader. This program supports such formats as fb2, epub (without DRM), txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (without DRM), pml . Here you can customize fonts, colors, line spacing, indents, hyphens, adjust the brightness of the backlight. It is also convenient to have a title, a table of contents and options for searching the text.


Layout - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android

The latest Instagram application allows you to create funny and unique collages and share them with your friends. Freedom for creativity is boundless thanks to filters and other tools. And using the built-in "PhotoCabin" function, you can take pictures on the spot and immediately view different collages from them.

Clap! Phone Finder

Clap! Phone Finder - Приложения для упрощения жизни


When we can not find our smartphone that hid somewhere, we can save this application. You just need to slam, and then the detector will automatically be activated, the sound of which can be selected, as well as the volume level. Consumes only 2% of the battery.


Linkedin - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android | Windows Phone

This professional social network allows you to keep up to date with the latest news in the sphere in which you are involved, and also helps with finding work and useful acquaintances.

5K Run

5K Run - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android

This application is intended for beginners who want to come in good shape while jogging. The ultimate goal is to run 5 km. The proposed program involves training, which takes place for 8 weeks 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Running on them alternates with walking, but gradually the time that is given to the latter is reduced. Convenient is the built-in player. And one more interesting aspect is the prize system, which strengthens the motivation to go in for sports.


SoundHound - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android | Windows Phone

With this program, you search and recognize the music that is currently playing around you. You just need to press the orange button to instantly determine the song and view its words. And if some melody is stuck in your head, you can sing it, and the application will instantly give out the result.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator - Приложения для упрощения жизни

IOS | Android

This calculator is quite unusual: writing a mathematical expression on the smartphone screen, you will see that the application itself has converted figures and mathematical signs into digital format and counted the result in real time.

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