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Invision Power Book

This resource is designed to create a Russian-language array of information on one of the popular forum systems Invision Power Board, the joint efforts of all comers.

General information about the system

Invision Power Board - a brief description of the product, more about 1.x.x , 2.xx
Numbering versions of IPB - the principles of numbering versions.
The Glossary is the most necessary terminology for the Invision Power Board.

INVISION POWER BOARD 2.2. Administrator documentation

Frequently asked Questions

Internal organization

Structure and Paths

The structure of language files is a description of the various structures of language files used by IPB
The control constants of the init.php file are a description of the predefined constants that affect the Invison Power Board
Structure of configuration file - description of configuration file conf_global.php


Errors that arise when working with MySQL databases - a complete list of errors that occur when browsing IPB with databases located on a MySQL server.
Correcting database tables - tips for correcting database tables.
Reducing the size of the database - tips to reduce the database of the forum without harming its performance.
Incorrect search / sorting of Russian text - :!: MySQL 3.23.xx / 4.0.xx , what to do if the search looks for is not true, and users with Russian names are not sorted correctly.
Converting the MySQL database from latin1 to cp1251 for MySQL 4.1 and above is the instruction for converting the database.
The work of IP.Board with external user registry is a description of the principles of creating new methods of external authorization. Allows you to make flexible integration of IP.Board with other products.

Application Programming Interface

Description of the superclass ipsclass - a brief description of the ipsclass methods.
Description of ipsclass interface for working with DB - description of ipsclass methods for working with databases.

Forum Security

Creating backup copies - methods of creating and using backup copies of databases (backups)
Error display when working with the database - Convenient debugger tool or built-in vulnerability?
How to resist the breaking of the forum. Recommendations and advice.

Vulnerabilities of versions 1.x.x

Vulnerabilities of versions 2.0.x

Vulnerabilities of versions 2.1.x

Vulnerabilities of versions 2.2.x

Vulnerabilities of versions 2.3.x

Vulnerabilities of versions 3.1.x - 3.0.х

Moderately critical | Medium Priority | Less critical

Design and styles


Server - level optimization - some useful tips for VDS / VPS owners, dedicated or colocation

Tips & Tricks (Articles and Tips)