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    The Internet has long become not only business support, but also gradually stands out as a separate industry that can generate income. Although some businessmen have already firmly established themselves in the world wide web and are developing their commercial projects.

      It is known that advertising is and remains the most effective tool in trade. A virtual network is the most effective source of advertising, the next in efficiency immediately behind television. But, if the blue screen has already adapted to insert commercials into the highest-rated programs, then some efforts should be made on the Internet so that your product or service will be noticed and preferred because new websites and individual web pages are born every day. The more they get, the less likely it is that visitors will crowd there. But there are many ways to attract potential customers: one of them is promotion of the site or in the language of ordinary users this is called site promotion.

    It should be immediately understood that the popularity of the Internet resource is laid as soon as it was conceived. There are no trifles in this matter, since a serious business has long invested in its sites to increase their traffic. If you are not a shark in this business and you don’t have much money, then try to initially make sure that at least the site card, that is, the first page, meets the highest design requirements. All components on it: whether it is a button, text or banner, must be placed correctly, conveniently and in accordance with the wishes of experienced psychologists. If you still had to admit that you are far away from the docks in this not simple business, then by all means contact specialists who do not give on the “create a website” bulletin boards, which in itself is ridiculous, since creating an Internet resource is a complex creative process and requires knowledge of several people. Moreover, knowledge is deep. Refer exclusively to creative teams.

    When the work of the masters of the birth of the site fully satisfy you, then do not forget to ask whether your resource is available for search engines and directories. The point here is that in order for a visitor interested in your information to get to you, you need to take care of this: when developing, the site is prepared for this.

    You can get into the front rows of search engines with the help of specialized services that will transmit information about your site. Attitudes toward such services are ambiguous, since the profitability of their work is almost impossible to verify. Serious services may refuse to help you if your site does not inspire confidence in them, and some schemers who pursue their goals are happy to   agree to help. One of these not serious approaches is the proposal to register your page in more than a thousand other sites. Another scam that can easily be found on the Internet is to place your link in some seedy directory. His inconsistency is noticeable to anyone who is a little bit versed in this matter: the links are not sorted, are arranged in a chaotic manner, and their subject matter is so wide that no one ever goes there. And why, if you can easily find the required in an orderly directory, of which also not a little. Conclusion: promoting your site, do not increase the attendance of other sites, from which you benefit, like a goat milk. If you still fall for such a trick, then you can easily determine this, since the author of the dead catalog will immediately send you a letter that is generated automatically, in which an advertisement will be attached. Immediately mark this address in your postal service as spam, and then this kind of letter will poison you more than one hour of work on the Internet.

    Another one of the methods of promotion are banner networks. The principle of operation in this case is simple, but also costly. However, if this option is approved by you, then again you should look at those who are in this business for a long time and for a long time. The bottom line is this: visitors should click on your banner or link. Just because they will not click, but if they are, it is not as often as you need. So you need an incentive. Money is always a good incentive. But this is not a prerequisite, perhaps someone will offer another way in exchange for showing your resource. There are many sponsor sites online that live at the expense of advertisers and even more of those who use the services of these sponsors.

    Whichever way you choose to promote your site, you should look at ShramSite from time to time. :) .

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