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Kiev pools for adults and children

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Pool "MiKomp"

Address: Dneprodzerzhinsk ave. Anoshkina, 109-4
Phone: +38 056 953-11-39, +38 068 903-23-23 - Administrator, +38 056 953-47-80 - Directorate
Subscription price: Regular subscription stay in the pool for 1 hour - 25 UAH. The cost of subscriptions is 100 UAH. (one-time payment - 200 UAH. 5% bonus for increasing the amount - 300 UAH. 10% bonus for payment - a bonus is given) - 400 UAH. 15% bonus - 500 UAH. 20% Corporate bonus - 200 UAH. 20% bonus Deposit for electronic media - 10 UAH. The first 30 minutes are not charged. Children's subscription (up to 14 years) Stay in the pool for 1 hour - 15 UAH. The cost of a subscription is 100 UAH. - 200 UAH. 10% bonus Deposit for electronic media - 10 UAH. The first 30 minutes are not charged. School subscription For groups of students until 15.00 - 10 UAH. for 1 hour The first 30 minutes are not charged.
Price of a single visit: Single visit - adult 1 hour - 40 UAH. 10 UAH (pledge for electronic media) - children (up to 14 years old) - 25 UAH. 10 UAH (deposit for electronic media) The first 30 minutes are not charged.
Description: 8 tracks, 50x21m., Depth 1.65-5.5 m, volume 3000 m ?, towers - 3, 5, 7, 10m, pair ski jumps 1m. and 3m., stands for 600 spectators, underwater speakers for synchronized swimming, marking and gates for playing water polo.
Water temperature (in degrees Celsius): +27, an autonomous modular gas boiler room was introduced for heating and water heating
Water aerobics: Yes.
Additional information and services: Opening hours 07.00 - 22.00 seven days a week. Special groups for children, The pool is equipped with a new water treatment system: water passes through fine filters, the next stage is the disinfection of water with silver and copper ions, then the automatic control system of acid-base balance (pH), the last stage is ultraviolet disinfection of water. Water circulation is continuous. In addition, the bottom of the pool is daily cleaned with a robot vacuum cleaner. In addition to the swimming pool, there are four gyms in the sports complex - for practicing martial arts and yoga, step aerobics, special sports training and a gym. Near the building, parking for 100 cars is equipped. A special attraction of the pool is the availability of the Olympia Hotel, designed for 190 guests, in a hundred meters. Sauna. Coffee house. To visit the pool, you must have swimming caps, waterproof slippers, a towel, swimming trunks, soap, washcloth, and children need an additional certificate from a pediatrician