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10 of the rarest IT skills

Самые редкие IT-навыки

With the explosive development of technology and rapid changes in business processes against the backdrop of an unfavorable economic situation, it becomes vital to keep your IT skills ready for “number zero”.

Analytical company Burning Glass studied more than 40 thousand announcements about vacancies in the field of IT from August 2015 to September 2016 and distributed them by the number of days it took to find the right specialist.

Самые редкие IT-навыки

10. Cloud computing

Search time: 62 days.

IT roles have changed since the cloud model became the norm in IT departments, says Burning Glass director Matt Siegelman. This means that businesses need professionals who can perform tasks from developing cloud services to creating and deploying cloud storage.

9. Salesforce integration

Search time: 62 days.

The CRM platform has become the main product of the modern digital business, says Siegelman. In a number of industries, professionals with the skills to work with Salesforce are in demand.

8. Network Security

Search time: 63 days.

Network security engineers ensure inviolability of internal networks and applications is a critical task in the modern digital era.

7. Apache Kafka

Search time: 66 days.

Distributed message broker, first used by LinkedIn, which faces a ban on working in Russia. Fast, scalable and reliable. Along with its popularity, the need for specialists with skills in working with this tool is growing.

6. Information architecture

Search time: 68 days.

Information architects are involved in organizing and structuring materials. Their task is to help the user find information efficiently and easily.

5. Distributed computing

Search time: 69 days.

A career in distributed computing requires a theoretical understanding of distributed systems, parallel programming, control of coincidences, transaction processing, and databases.

4. Integration architecture

Search time: 70 days.

Specialists in this field are engaged in database modeling, working with interface specifications and managing any other processes that are integrated into a specific IT architecture.

3. Design metadata

Search time: 77 days.

JBoss Application Server is used by enterprises to work with Java applications. This is an open source technology that requires special skills.

2. JBoss AS

1. Cloud security

Search time: 77 days.

“Even when an organization becomes more data-centric and moves to the cloud, information needs protection, so security skills are very important,” says Siegelman.