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Criminal Code of Ukraine

Кримінальний кодекс України
Editorial 01.09.2001, із зміками і plus updates included until 01.12.2005 rock
Partial part
Rozdil 1. Zagalny position. Art. 1-2
Rozdil 2. The law on criminal justice. Art. 3-10
Rozdil 3. Zlochin, you see that stage. Art. 11-17
Rozdil 4. Person, yak pіdlyagaє krimіnalnіy vіdpovіdalnostі (sub'єkt zlochinu). Art. 18-22
Rozdil 5. Wines and form. Art. 23-25
Rozdil 6. Speak at zlochinі. Art. 26-31
Rozdil 7. Repeatability, succession and relapse of malignant diseases. Art. 32-35
Rozdil 8. Be comfortable, let’s exclude malignant deed. Art. 36-43
Rozdil 9. Zvіlnennya vіd krimіnalno іdpovіdalnostі. Art. 44-49
Rozdil 10. So far you see that yogi. Art. 50-64
Rozdil 11. Appreciation of prejudice. Art. 65-73
Rozdil 12. Zvіlnennya vid is the first and second vidbuvannya. Art. 74-87
Rozdil 13. Judgment. Art. 88-91
Rozdil 14. Primusov come on to the medical nature and primusovy lіkuvannya. Art. 92-96
Rozdil 15. Peculiarities of criminal intentions and prejudice of incompetent. Art. 97-108
Especially chastin
Rozdil 1. Zlochini against the basics of the national security of Ukraine. Art. 109-114
Rozdil 2. Sorrows against life and health. Art. 115-145
Rozdil 3. Zlochini against will, honor and individuality. Art. 146-151
Rozdil 4. Zlochini against the article of freedom and the article of lack of tissue. Art. 152-156
Rozdil 5. Zlochini against vibrochikh, labor and those special rights and freedoms of the people and the big man. Art. 157-184
Rozdil 6. Zlochini against moisture. Art. 185-198
Rozdil 7. Zlochini in the sphere of state dariality. Art. 199-235
Rozdil 8. Zlochini against Dovkill. Art. 236-254
Rozdil 9. Zlochini against the huge bezpeki. Art. 255-270
Rozdil 10. Zlochini against bezpeki virobnitsva. Art. 271-275
Rozdil 11. Zlochini protrude bespeku ruhu and ekspluatatsії transport. Art. 276-292
Rozdil 12. Zlochini against the enormous order of that morality. Art. 293-304
Rozdil 13. Zlochini in the realm of drug abuse, psychotropic speech, their analogs and precursors and inward malignancy against a healthy population. Art. 305-327
Rozdil 14. Zlochini at the sphere of protection of the sovereign customs, lack of intercourse of the powerful cordons, I will invoke the protection of those mobility. Art. 328-335
Rozdil 15. Zlochini protest against the authority of the organs of sovereign power, the organs of the government’s self-determination and obvodnan masses. Art. 338-360
Rozdil 16. Zlochini in the sphere of vikoristannya elektronno-obuslyuvlyalnyh machines (computers), systems and computer measures. Art. 361-363
Rozdil 17. Zlochini in the sphere of service dyalnostі. Art. 364-370
Rozdil 18. Take money against justice. Art. 371-400
Rozdil 19. Zlochini against the established order of the fall of the Vіyskovo service (Vіyskі zlochini). Art. 401-435
Rozdil 20. Zlochini against the world, bezpeki humanity and the international rule of law. Art. 436-447
Prikintsev and re-position
Rozdil 1 Prikintsev and re-position
Rozdil 2 Prikintsev and re-position