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Code of Ukraine

Кримінальний кодекс України
Editors 01.09.2001, із змінам і with additional terms included until December 01, 2005
Zagalny part
Rozdil 1. Zagalnі posleennya. Art. 1-2
Rozdil 2. The law on criminals' share. Art. 3-10
Rozdil 3. Zlochin, yougo see that stadia. Art. 11-17
Rozdil 4. A person, a yak pіdlyagaє kriminalnіy vіdpov_dalnostі (sub'єkt malicious). Art. 18-22
Rozdil 5. Wines that її forms. Art. 23-25
Rozdil 6. Sponsored by the wicked. Art. 26-31
Rozdil 7. Repeat, sukupnіst that relapse zlochinіv. Art. 32-35
Rozdil 8. Furnishings, such as the evil of the child. Art. 36-43
Rozdil 9. Zvіlnennya vіd krimіnalno І іпповідальності. Art. 44-49
Rozdil 10. Poora that yogo see. Art. 50-64
Rozdil 11. Appropriated Art. 65-73
Rozdil 12. Zvіlnennya vіd pokarannya that yogo vіdbuvannya. Art. 74-87
Rozdil 13. Judgment Art. 88-91
Rozdil 14. Primusov_ come on medichnomu character ta Primusov Lіkuvannya. Art. 92-96
Rozdil 15. Osobennosti krimіnalno ї vіdpovіdalnostі that pokaronnya nevnovnolіtnіh. Art. 97-108
Rozdil 1. Spiteful against the foundations of national security of Ukraine. Art. 109-114
Rozdil 2. Slave before man's health. Art. 115-145
Rozdil 3. Zlochini against this, honesty and fierceness of the individual. Art. 146-151
Rozdil 4. Malignant persons against state freedom are individuals. Art. 152-156
Rozdil 5. Slaughter against viborious, laboring and special rights and freedoms of people. Art. 157-184
Rozdil 6. Insidious against vlasnostі. Art. 185-198
Rozdil 7. Zlochini in the sphere of Gospodarskoi dіyalnost. Art. 199-235
Rozdil 8. Slaughter against dovkіllya. Art. 236-254
Rozdil 9. Slaughter against bulk security. Art. 255-270
Rozdil 10. Slaughter against security vrobnitstva. Art. 271-275
Rozdil 11. Zlochini proti beki rukhu that kspluatatsії transport. Art. 276-292
Rozdil 12. Insidious against the great order and morality. Art. 293-304
Rozdil 13. Spiteful things in the field of drugs, psychotropic speech, their analogs, precursors and ills against the health of the population. Art. 305-327
Rozdil 14. Zlochini at the sphere of the state powers, nedorkotkannost of the sovereign cordons, I will invite that mobilization. Art. 328-335
Rozdil 15. Zlochini against the authority of the authorities of the state of Vladyka, of the organs of the local self-marriage and that of the great ones. Art. 338-360
Rozdil 16. Spiteful things in the field of electronic computing machines (computers), systems and computer systems. Art. 361-363
Rozdil 17. Slaughter in the sphere of service. Art. 364-370
Rozdil 18. Slander against justice. Art. 371-400
Rozdil 19. Maligned persons against the established order of the military service (the evil criminals). Art. 401-435
Rozdil 20. Spoofed against the world, the security of the people of international law and order. Art. 436-447
Prikіntsev that pehіdnі position
Rozdil 1 Prikіntsev that pehіdnі position
Rozdil 2 Prikіntsev that pehіdnі position