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Map of the names of Ukrainian children

Map of the names of Ukrainian children

In 2013, the most popular names for children in Kiev were Sofia, Maria, Alexander and Ivan.

But among the non-standard names for girls, Aya, Aysu, Electra and Marzhina proved popular. Among the boys, the names Arash, Dzenislav, Junior, Ishaan and Zorro were relevant. Earlier, a boy born in the Transcarpathian region was called Berezhansky Yanukovich Ivanovich, and in Lviv - Euromaidan Tikhun.

In the USSR, the names of Stalin, Oktyabrina and Noyabrina (in honor of revolutions), Gertrude (the heroine of labor), Kim (Communist Youth International), Stalen (Stalin, Lenin) were popular.

UDP 16/01/2014 Deputies Palatny and Tedeev decided to ban their own names

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a bill on the introduction of a ban on the assignment of children with unusual names - “Draft Law on Amendments to Article 146 of the Family Code of Ukraine (regarding the definition of the child’s name)”.

The document is an amendment to the Family Code. The authors of the bill are the deputies from the Party of Regions Elbrus Tedeev and Vladimir Misik and the deputy from the UDAR faction Arthur Palatny. The document aims to protect the rights of the child. He is registered under the number 3881 from 01/14/2014.

The explanatory note to the bill states that children should not be given names that consist of names of inanimate objects, fictional characters, geographical names, flora and fauna, titles, diseases, symbols, numbers or abbreviations.

In addition, children can be given no more than two names, if it is not the custom of the national minorities to which the mother or father belongs.

In the event that the registry office refuses to register a child with a particular name, parents can challenge it in court.

A masterpiece of legislative non-conformism with common sense, in particular, says:

“1) partly to a friend of the statistics of the 146 victories in such editors:

“2. Ditin_ mozhe bouti is given no more than two names, supposedly not more vividly zvichayu nationally Menshins, until this idle mother and (abo) daddy. Іm'ya ditini guilty vіdpovіdati їїї стії. Dityn cant be given ім'я, to be stored in the name of non-living objects, vigadan characters, geographic names, flori and fauna, titles, pain, one-hour letters, symbols, numbers (numbers), abrevіatur. "

Creators of this ingenious creative, probably, did not study at school. For there, in the elementary grades, they tell where human names come from. And what they mean.

You do not need a professor to have an idea that the vast majority of common names in Ukraine are the names of non-living objects translated from Latin, Hebrew or Ancient Greek. Well, and other languages, living and dead. For example, as you know, Peter, this is a stone. Irina is peace, peace, Michael is like God, Victoria is a victory, and so on. Well, you understand how many names are at risk of being banned.

And, by the way, it turns out that, on the basis of their own law, Tedeev himself personally wants to ban his own name - Elbrus. Which, on the one hand, in translation from Tatar, means “shining”, and, moreover, on the other, Elbrus is the name of the mountain. The subject, you see, is not quite alive.

Apparently, the same motives - to erase one’s own name from future birth certificates - were also followed by Deputy Palatny. His name - Arthur - if someone does not know, translated from Celtic means - big (or mighty) bear.

Mysyk - and he Vladimir - still somehow can justify the right to bear his name, according to the bill. Although, however, if you sue, according to the second part of the bill, which says:

“2) Statute 146 supplementing by part 4 of these three things:

"four. In accordance with the laws of the reorganization of civil society in the assignment of children, without any permission, part 2 of the statistics, batches (or by one party), send the bill to the body of the new organization.

- specifying in the statement of claim that Vladimir is a geographical name that the city in the Russian Federation proudly bears, Volodya will no longer be in Ukraine.

Of course, if local legislators were more educated or legally savvy, they could include in their dubious quality and no less dubious relevance the bill and some kind of conceptual phrase like “Dityin couldn’t give it, literally put into name of non-living things “, But, however, in this case the law could be applied extremely ambiguously.

Of course, no one has any illusions about an attack of law-making marasmus suddenly surging on the respected people's deputies. We understand that the unexpected relevance of this project, submitted to the consideration of BP in the conditions of an unaccepted budget, non-voiced "visa-free" laws, etc. due to the recent appearance in the list of Ukrainian names Euromaidan. Which now, as we see, may be banned.

But, based on the text of the bill Tedeev, Ward and Mysyk, the child can still be called the name of Yanukovych, following the example of the residents of Transcarpathia.

And thanks for that :)

The Ukrainian users of social networks and readers of our site immediately responded to the registered bill:

Veselovsky Panikovsky

Here, would be more such news !!

Alisa Nedashkovskaya

Poor Junior and Zorro ... (this is what the people of Kiev called children in 2013)

Public "Coke Kwasniewski"

nickname geography
you can’t be called a peanut, I’m not calling you a ban. Elbrus
Реакция на законопроект Эльбруса Тедеева

Tatyana Dovbysheva

A man for the sake of this law may have become a deputy :) )))

Taras zifstud

Elbrus - chudarodka _) is good

Alexander Chupakhin

Fully FOR, I have seen enough of the modern tendency to call children "miracle" - names, parents have a joke and a trend, so that in FB they will go wild, stand out, and think that the brain does not have enough neurons to live with this name ... And there is a separate parable about Elbrus ... There is a question in the idea itself!
Although Samantha Kucherenko and her friends Franchezko Kovalchuk and Jonathan Dzyuba are a great company))

Alexander Skromnitsky

T_tushka T_tushkovich T_tushka.
Пользователи делятся демотиваторами про оригинальные имена

Margaryta kalancha

Nichy not zabononati. Panu Elbrus yogo chemically repaired, he helped them to do it, they didn’t bother. Mozha it’s a good idea to get a donku Hoverla nazvati.

Victor mandziak

The first victim of the law of mat- tality is the “lawmaker” himself. krashte bi exiled (patronymic name of Elbrus Tedeev - Soslanovich) calling his sovoy goverlo, abo pop-ivanom))