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Why you should not order coffee on the plane and 7 more unexpected aviation secrets

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

There are things that are strictly not recommended to do during the flight. Employees of airlines will never tell about them officially, because it’s their earnings, but anonymously ... Already ears on end!

Glory to the Internet - today you can get information about everything that interests you. It is enough to contact directly the professionals in some anonymous social network. That's what Reddit users did, challenging airline employees! We have selected the most unexpected flight secrets for you.

Do not use public headphones

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

Sealed in a bag - does not mean disposable. After the flight, the used headphones are cleaned and packaged again for the next batch of passengers. In general, know that someone has already used headphones before you, and if you are "clean", then it is better to take your headset.

Give up coffee from the cart

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

True connoisseurs will not begin to drink it because of the disgusting taste, and less picky ones should know that coffee containers on airlines do not particularly wash or clean - in the best case, only rinse. Firstly, employees are paid too little - it makes no sense to try, and secondly, they do not even have any special accessories for cleaning containers.

The inside of the toilet door can be easily opened from the outside.

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

Do not believe the movies where stewardesses are desperately knocking on a locked booth and, sometimes, even breaking a door. In fact, there is a secret mechanism on the outside that opens the valve, and it is located directly under the narrow plate with the inscription “toilet” (Lavatory). It happens that between it and the “free / busy” window the lining is stripped off - a sign that the door has already been unlocked in this way.

“Fixed” armrests can be raised with a secret button

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

A pleasant surprise for everyone who wants more convenience in economy class: it turns out that the “tightly” fixed arm handles near the portholes and at the aisle can be lifted, like everyone else! To do this, you need to grope from the bottom of the armrest closer to its base a small button hidden in the recess. However, be prepared for the flight attendants to demand that the raised handle be returned to its place.

Masked oxygen lasts only 12 minutes

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

Everyone knows that the masks are prepared in case of depressurization of the cabin, but few people know about oxygen consumption. However, the fact that on earth sounds frightening - “only 12 minutes”, has a completely different value in the air - “as much as 12 minutes”. This time is more than enough for the crew to lower the aircraft to a safe height of 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).

Luggage locks are completely useless

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

According to the inspection officer, you can easily open the zipper with a regular writing pen and then fasten it again, displacing both fasteners fastened with a lock around the perimeter of the suitcase. This is usually done at airports when you need to identify baggage without a tag. By the way, at Reddit at the same time they named the most common reasons for “lost” baggage: it is sent for additional screening and does not have time to be delivered on board when sorting it by mistake sent to the wrong plane, the bag catches on to something with a belt, the baggage falls from the cart on the way to the plane .

What happens to animals when you check them in your luggage?

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

According to the experience of employees of American airlines, in 30% of cases, dogs fall into alarm and panic on the ground, almost immediately after separation from the owners. “Who knows what horror they are in during the flight!” But the owners of the cats can be calm: “I have never seen a frightened cat in the luggage room - these animals don’t give a damn.” Moreover, if in America and Europe employees are caring for animal travelers, try to calm them down and even ask the owners to write pet names for them, then in Russia you can’t count on this. So think carefully before taking your pets with you on a flight - maybe it's better not to stress them? And one more important point ...

Aircraft alarmists are more dangerous than any thunderstorm and turbulence

Неожиданные авиасекреты про самолёты

It is easy to understand our earthly anxiety during a "helpless" stay in the air, especially when the plane suddenly begins to shake with such force, as if it was about to fall apart. Want to stop being scared? Look at the flight attendants: for any turbulence, they remain completely unperturbed - which means that everything is in order!

The story of one of the passengers: “Once I flew from Japan, and there was terrible turbulence over the ocean, even flight attendants buckled up their seats. One of them was sitting right in front of me - he said that even when everyone literally throws them to the ceiling, nothing terrible will happen to the plane. But sometimes you have to make an emergency landing only in order to reassure too cowardly passengers. "

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